BySamantha Smith, writer at

So if this man and his nephew slit this woman's throat like they say in the bedroom on the bed in Avery's house why is there not one single drop of blood? Why was the mattress not stained with blood? Also with the IQ's of these two men I really don't believe they could plan a murder and go through it without leaving evidence. You mean to tell me a man with his intelligence could plan, kill, and clean up a perfect murder with no blood but leave her car on his property and burn her body? If someone was compatent enough to make sure not a drop of blood was found in the house would burn the body in the fire pit at home and leave her car on his property. Also the keys that were found in his house. They were found in plain sight but not right away? Not on the first day? But on the third day by the law enforcement that wasn't supposed to be involved at all? Really??? Also can't a lawyer look at court records and see two jurors were related to law enforcement and claim conflict of interest? I'm not a layer or a cop but anyone can see how messed up this all is. I know they found a drop of his blood in her car so where did this blood of his come from? Was there a struggle? Did he have any wounds from her trying to defend herself? Did he have any cuts or anything that this blood could come from other than the tube in evidence with the needle hole in it? Come on!! This is crazy and this justice system makes me sick!!


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