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*Spoilers for the Grimm mid-Season 5 finale*

Ever since Grimm Season 5 left off last month with the explosive mid-season finale there's been many questions on the lips of fans, but they all revolve around the same event: the mysterious return of Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch) - sorry - I mean, the introduction of the completely new character Eve (...also Bitsie Tulloch).

Juliette is alive? Wait, no... She's not? She's Eve? Who is Eve? Why does she look like Juliette? What's she doing kicking around with Hadrian’s Wall? What's up with the fancy new hairdo?

It's okay, actress Bitsie Tulloch has already clarified that the white hair is just a wig Eve is wearing in an attempt to hide her identity, Alias style. No, really, that's what Tulloch said:

"When Eve is out on missions, she can’t run into somebody who worked with [Juliette] at the veterinary practice, or a friend, because they all think she’s dead. I started watching Alias over the summer, because I was like, 'All right, she’s got to be incognito'. That’s been really fun - skintight leather and these awesome wigs that she wears whenever she’s out."

Skintight leather? Awesome wigs? This definitely doesn't sound like the Juliette we knew and... were mildly fond of.

This Ain't No Normal Juliette

Which is a good thing. Tulloch is back in Grimm Season 5, but she's not the Juliette we knew oh no. She's Eve now, a mysterious and pretty damn badass woman working with Hadrian’s Wall. According to show co-creator David Greenwalt, she's Hadrian's Wall's "super Hexenbiest weapon" who will be fighting in the war against the Wesen uprising, Black Claw:

"It’s this new character, Eve, who has not been brainwashed exactly, but she’s been through some incredibly tough training where they broke her down to nothing. She’s basically a super Hexenbiest weapon for Hadrian’s Wall to fight Black Claw."

Despite her actions during Season 4 when she was torn between Hexenbiest and human, poor Juliette also had a pretty bad time of it throughout the series. And most of that was Adalind (Claire Coffee)'s fault, something that the show tends to forget as it portrays her in a more sympathetic light these days (not that I'm complaining too much about that - Adalind's awesome).

And so Grimm Season 5 takes a darker, more affective take on Tulloch's character, bringing her back as Eve - a woman who has all of Juliette’s memories, but none of her emotions, which is bound to cause trouble for Nick (David Giuntoli).

Speaking of Nick...

What a time Nick's had, eh? Having the love of his life turned into a Hexenbiest, having his mother killed, then Juliette killed, then his nemesis becoming pregnant with his baby (seriously Adalind do you ever use protection?); it's understandable if it's all getting a bit much.

Not to mention diaper duty
Not to mention diaper duty

Greenwalt has promised that the whole story about what happened to Juliette the night she died, how she became Eve and how Eve relates to Juliette will all be explained when Grimm returns from the winter break, in the episode aptly titled Eve of Destruction.

And, unsurprisingly, Nick's reaction to the whole thing is going to be pretty intense or, as Tulloch describes it, "wild":

"Nick has a wild reaction [to Eve]. Monroe’s is different from the Captain’s… I can’t give anything else away. The fun in her character is everyone interacting with her."

No shit. So what does this mean for Nick and Adalind? Will Eve still harbour resentment without possessing emotion? Could Kelly Schade-Burkhardt be in danger now? And most importantly, how did the slightly wimpy Juliette become the badass, leather wearing Eve?

All will be revealed when Grimm Season 5 returns later this month.

The Grimm post-winter break premiere date has been pushed back a week from January 22 to January 29, and will return to NBC with the seventh episode of Season 5: 'Eve of Destruction'.


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