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Tien Shinhan is one of my most favorite characters of the Dragon Ball series. His appearance, dedication, mentality, techniques, fighting style, personality and everything else makes him such a likeable character! Actually, I never came across anyone who hates Tien. He is also referred as the strongest Human character on Dragon Ball by many fans. Tien is one of the evil turned good guys. Being under the influence of Master Shen and Mercenary Tao of the crane school; he was a ruthless beast who enjoyed inflicting pain. This was highlighted when he broke Yamcha’s leg. Soon enough coming under the influence of Master Roshi and Goku he changed his ways and ever since then fought bravely along the Z fighters. I personally found Tien as the coolest character on Dragon Ball. I mean he was the first in the series who looked like a real threat and had some amazing new moves. His Ki attacks looked so deadly back then. He got to defeat kid Goku in the world martial arts tournament. And I liked how he had some refreshing sets of moves like growing extra arms, turning into 4 and experimenting with his ki attacks. His transformation of personality was also interesting. How he went to become the guy who is ready to sacrifice his life to save the earth from being a selfish cunt. With the passage of time and emerge of the saiyans Tien kept lagging behind compared to others. But, unlike Krillen and Yamcha he never ever stopped training. In-fact, he is probably the most dedicated Z fighter. He doesn’t socialize that much and the only thing he is into is basically training and fighting. And even though he is nowhere near Goku it looked like he never gave up his hope. In the anime, Tien got a huge power boost on King Kai’s place taking out 2 members of The Ginyu Force. One of my favorite moments in the entire DBZ series is when Tien held back Semi-perfect cell using his life form! The scene was so fuckin amazing! That is the type of thing Tien should get to do more often. Being there and making some actual differences. I feel like he was underused in the Buu saga.

And almost everyone might disagree with me on this one. But, I personally feel characters like Tien and Krillen deserves similar amount of actions or roles Goten and Trunks get. Tien has been there since the very beginning training continuously. And now 2 new characters appear and they absolutely overshadow characters like Tien and Krillen. I just personally didn’t like it. If you ask me Tien is way more fun to watch than Goten. Tien has a better personality, physique and fighting style. And the end of the day it all comes down to what is more enjoyable. And I would say seeing Tien and Krillen on action more often would be more enjoyable. My favorite time in Dragon Ball Z is during the Android-Cell saga. Even there the Saiyans did all the main things. But, Krillen and Yamcha were at-least around the battlefield playing small roles, Tien had his moment with cell, Picollo transformed into Super Namek and had his moment. All these had a perfect balance of variation. And surprises! But, from the Buu saga it started becoming an all Saiyan show. That appeared to me as a bit imbalanced. For example, when Tien deflected the Buu’s beam did it look boring or inappropriate? I was so expecting a scene similar to the Cell saga. It would be absolutely badass.

Tien vs Cell
Tien vs Cell

At this point what do I expect from Tien? I want him to be around the battle field and occasionally play some roles and get to be in some action that actually makes a difference. I am not saying he has to become incredibly powerful or something. But, landing one or two effective blows on the main character or creating some necessary distraction could be satisfying enough. And in the early times Tien was portrayed as a fighter who loves to use new techniques. So, now after training for such a long time I think Tien deserves some new moves in Dragon Ball Super. In-fact not developing new techniques after all these years of training sounds weird. A transforming ability to boost power would also be great.

In short what I am trying to say is, it’s not necessary that these Z fighters have to be very strong. But, each of them should have some role to play. They shouldn’t be just some side characters who are of no good. We the fans love these characters. And because we have them from the very beginning fans have soft corner for them. So, if they are in the series they should get sensible roles. Hanging around there as an audience only and getting killed just doesn’t make any sense. I believe Dragon Ball Super has something in store for them. As all of them got some action time even Master Roshi got to fight. So, I still have hopes!

However, all these are just my opinion or my way of thinking. I know many of you would disagree with me in this matter. Comment and let me know what you think Dragon Ball Super should do with Tien. Should he get enough roles or should he be cut off like Yamcha. And also let me know your opinion about the other Z fighters!



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