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I thought I'd throw in a pun. Tomorrowland, available for watching on Netflix (isn't that fantastic?).

If I were to summarize it, it would probably go something like this:

"A scientifically minded teen is found in a series of unlikely events. She in turn finds a man, once a boy-genius, to travel to another dimensional world. When she arrives there, she realizes that in order to stay in that world full of wonders, she must first save her own world. Ours."

Honestly though, that doesn't even BEGIN to cover it. The movie is fantastic. From the special effects that had me feeling like I had stars in my eyes, to the acting that made me feel like I was there with them. Frank (George Clooney) and Casey (Britt Robertson) struggle to get to Tomorrowland, a dimension that exists separately from ours. When they finally get there, they are greeted by the leader of the scientific minds of Tomorrowland, called President Nix. Nix unfortunately reveals to them their world is ending.

Casey in turn glimpses the future. The apocalypse. She's left understandably shaken, but unlike so many she doesn't give up and instead searches for a solution.

The apocalypse she glimpses is by our own making. At first glimpse, there does seem to be a human villain, and yet if we look closer at Tomorrowland, we soon realize that the villain is anyone who stands idly by while the world is burning. When climate change is upon us, when the ice caps are melting, when the tornadoes are becoming more frequent and our lush areas are being deforested or turned into deserts with drought.

This movie is lovely and will give hope and happiness to people who watch it. If you look deeper though, it should feel like a call to arms too.

Every bystander to the world's slow destruction is a villain in this movie, even though it is only pointed out by the human villain in the story.

I highly recommend watching this movie. Seriously what are you waiting for? Tomorrow???


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