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After his Oscar worthy wince face spread across the Internet like a particularly virulent strain of smallpox, Leonardo DiCaprio has explained exactly what happened during that Lady Gaga moment at the Golden Globes.

Despite many theories of high school-style hostility or as yet unexplained beef between the two superstars, predictably the explanation straight from Leo's mouth is a lot more mundane.

If you haven't seen the arm bashing, face pulling second of 'drama' yet, check out the clip for yourself below:

Although it definitely looks like something shady could have been going on, DiCaprio insists that the meme-worthy moment was just the result of a sudden surprise.

When interviewed alongside director Alejandro Iñárritu about the trending moment and shown the video, DiCaprio's reaction to the reaction was also pretty classic.

And the The Revenant star certainly seemed pretty shocked to see that his dramatic brows were the biggest trending moment of the entire Golden Globes:

Although Iñárritu clearly found the absurdity of the whole thing amusing, Leo felt the need to clarify that he wasn't pulling a bitch move. His official explanation reads:

Now I guess we should wait and see if Countess Gaga sees things the same way, or if Leo is going to need a protection order from all those lil monsters out there...

You can check out the whole interview for yourself in the video from ET below:

(Source: Buzzfeed via Entertainment Tonight)


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