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These days, Britney Spears seems to be the gift that keeps giving -- not only did she start off 2016 strong by running headfirst into a pole, but the pop princess also got stuck in a fake tree during one of her performances in Las Vegas last week.

Yup, our Brit has been having a tough time of it lately and now, it seems another disaster has struck -- she has been turned on by one of her very own fans!

It all began like this... One week before the People's Choice Awards 2016, Britney Spears, the angel that she is, posted a lovely RSVP on Twitter confirming her attendance:

Yet, when the day came around, shit hit the fan because Britney was nowhere to be seen, even though she was credited with the honor of Favorite Social Media Celebrity! The world took note.

Thankfully, Britney, never a woman to let us down, soon took to Instagram to clear everything up, admitting she was merely unwell on the day she was supposed to attend the awards ceremony. She revealed:

It seems that this perfectly rational explanation simply wasn't enough for some dedicated fans though -- some were so astounded that Britney had the sheer audacity to skip out on the People's Choice Awards that their excited little brains went into overdrive.

"Why do you not care about your fans?"

One Instagram user, aptly named 'BottomHeart,' basically went batshit crazy on her and chose to confront the Queen of Pop herself. The direct message confrontation began like so:

Understandably, and because the People's Choice Awards are dictated by loyal fans, many were pretty miffed she wasn't there to receive her award -- but c'mon, cut the woman some slack! She's been sick for goodness' sake!

And Britney's response to the whole fiasco was perhaps the best thing ever! Instead of letting the comment slide and allowing it to contribute to the tirade of hate-mail most celebrities receive every day, the pop princess snapped back in the most epic way:

Yep BottomHeart, you have been discharged from the Britney Army forever. Scuttle away now and let our Queen recover in the peace and quiet that she deserves!

Moral of the story: "It's Britney, bitch" -- show a little respect!



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