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Do you sense that? That's the communal feeling of the world hoping and praying that this will be the year that Leonardo DiCaprio finally gets his Oscar.

The tide is turning. He won the Best Actor award at the Golden Globes for portraying Hugh Glass in The Revenant, and even this awkward 'handshake' couldn't sour his mood.

After being snubbed by the Academy more than Ronald McDonald at a vegan convention, will 2016 be Leo's year? After all, he's faced his fair share of rejection.

In 1994, he was nominated for Best Supporting Actor in 'What's Eating Gilbert Grape'

He didn't win.

In 2005 he was nominated for Best Actor for the 'Aviator'

He didn't win.

In 2007 he was nominated for Best Actor for 'Blood Diamond'

He didn't win.

And in 2014 he was nominated for Best Actor for 'The Wolf of Wall Street'

He... didn't win.

But in 'The Revenant,' Leo has gone all out to bag that much coveted golden gong

That's the look of a guy who means business
That's the look of a guy who means business

Aside from the Internet memes and general jovial poking fun surrounding the discussion, there is a serious undertone; DiCaprio is one of, if not the finest actor of his generation.

From movie to movie, the 41-year-old embodies each character with the utmost dedication to his craft. He's as method as method can be, and although taking things to the extreme isn't a rare occurrence for Leo, his portrayal of Hugh Glass has taken things to an intense new level.

Stories of the brutality of the filming of The Revenant seeped into the mainstream. Instinctively, it's perhaps easy to dismiss such stories. These are over pampered, over protected movie stars, aren't they? But Leo's trials and tribulations in the wilderness make for shocking reading.

As well as spending months in sub-zero temperatures, DiCaprio ate raw bison liver and slept in a decomposing animal carcass. No biggie, then. Talking of events during filming, he said:

“I can name 30 or 40 sequences that were some of the most difficult things I’ve ever had to do.

"Whether it’s going in and out of frozen rivers, or sleeping in animal carcasses, or what I ate on set.
"[I was] enduring freezing cold and possible hypothermia constantly.”

The Golden Globes: A Good Indication?

DiCaprio won the Golden Globe 'Best Actor'
DiCaprio won the Golden Globe 'Best Actor'

After Leo's success at the GG's, it might be easy to speculate winning the award will predict who does well at the Oscars.

Well, looking at his previous failures, it's fair to say there's no direct correlation. For example:

  • The Aviator (2005): Won a Golden Globe. No Oscar.

  • Blood Diamond (2007): Nominated for Golden Globe, didn't win. No Oscar.

  • The Wolf of Wall Street (2014): Not nominated for Golden Globe. No Oscar.

So, as the above suggests, any success should be taken with a pinch of salt. However, that being said, Leo's role in The Revenant is the most award worthy performance of his career. And looking at the standard of his career, that's one hell of compliment.

Will he win? Well, let's just say if he doesn't then perhaps he's secretly done something to annoy the Academy. He can't do much more.


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