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WARNING! There Be Massive Star Wars: The Force Awakens Spoilers Within

In the 14th century, Dante Alighieri described the nine circles of hell -- and the their associated sins -- in this epic poem, Inferno. However, if Dante was around today, he'd maybe add a tenth circle with an additional sin: the unforgivable sin of 'going out of your way to deliberately spoil movies.'

If you want to avoid spoilers in the modern internet age, your only real recourse is to do a bit of a 'Bin Laden' and exile yourself to some remote compound with no internet access. However, sometimes that isn't enough, especially if you happen to live near this colossal douche.

It seems some anonymous Jeep owner decided to emblazon the rear of his Jeep with a massive window decal that reads: "Han Solo Dies In The Force Awakens". Check it out below:

Now, to be fair, when I first saw this, it did conjure up a wry smile, and I have to admit there is a small part of me which can respect the ballsiness of decorating your car with one of the biggest spoilers in recent history. Also, I hope the whole thing is a pun on that fact that some cars often feature 'spoilers'.

Check out the The Force Awakens trailer below:

However, I feel I can only say that now because I have seen The Force Awakens. If I hadn't, and I found myself behind this guy at a stop light? Well, I feel I shouldn't be legally culpable for any automobile and/or criminal damage offences that may result from that situation.

Are Spoilers That Big of a Deal?

Y'see, I am perhaps what you'd describe as 'sensitive' to spoilers, and I'm also one of those people who finds even the most minute of information as potentially spoilerific. As you can imagine, this sometimes makes working for a pop culture movie news website somewhat difficult.

Personally, I want to see movies as their original creator intended, and that's ideally with a blank slate with only a broad idea of what a film is about. Someone telling me a spoiler essentially robs me of experiencing that moment of the movie/TV show or book for myself and, therefore, has ultimately diminished the enjoyment I could have experienced. This means ALL spoilers -- even if the spoiler seems insignificant -- are detrimental and should be avoided. It's a complex situation I should probably tell a therapist about.

What do you think though? What is your attitude to spoilers? Is the behaviour of this blabbermouth, bean-spilling Jeep owner unacceptable? Or are we all a little bit too sensitive about these things? Let me know below:

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