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It's just such a shame because it seemed that Lindsay Lohan was having such a great turn-around moment. Not only had the actress abandoned her excessively wild child ways for a healthier way of life after numerous stints in rehab, but she had also started 2016 on such a optimistic note – namely with a heart-warming image of Michael Cera and his totes adorbs face wielding a sparkler.

Since though, it appears that something has snapped and believe it or not, it's been reported that Li-Lo's bad behavior has resurfaced. And it's way worse than anything like this:

Last Friday night, the actress hit up some New York City clubs with her sister Ali while they were in the Big Apple celebrating their grandmother's birthday.

Sadly though, their night escalated past harmless sibling revelry when they attended Manhattan's VBar.

According to a bar tender, Lindsay and Ali had spent over 20 minutes in the bathroom of the bar (two guesses what they were up to!) in Greenwich Village, before he intervened. When he knocked on the door and asked both of them to leave, the Lohans reacted in an extremely aggressive manner.

Lindsay and Ali Lohan
Lindsay and Ali Lohan

Hurling racist insults at the West African man, Lindsay maliciously mocked:

"Are you from Ghana?"

Not okay. Another customer then tried to intervene to reconcile the matter, and Lindsay spat in his face – it doesn't end there! Apparently, once the pair were thrown out, someone from their entourage slinked back to threaten to fight the bartender!

Thankfully, the poor guy decided to not press any charges.

And what of Lindsay's reaction? Well, she posted the following Johnny Depp quote onto her Instagram account as a potential calm response:

Sure, do what you have to do Lindsay, but maybe don't be a racist maniac while you do it?



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