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At the Golden Globes last Sunday night, Jennifer Lawrence was her ultimate sassy self as she scooped up her third award from the prestigious ceremony -- thankfully, this time she didn't take a tumble!

Yet in the media's eyes, what DID take a tumble seems to be her reputation as America's sweetheart. As it turned out, a certain brush with a reporter in the press room seemed to really stir up some angry reactions on the interwebz. If you remember, when a member of the press asked the Joy actress a question, J-Law responded with quite a scathing reprimand for simultaneously being on his phone. She said:

"You can't live your whole life behind your phone, bro. You can't do that. You gotta live in the now."

The poor guy, probably wallowing in a pit of embarrassment, quickly apologized and then began asking her a question about her Oscar chances. Without hesitation, Jennifer cut him off again:

"We're at the Golden Globes. If you put your phone down, you'd know that."

Miaow, the cat's outta the bag!

Remind yourself of the clip that rubbed people the wrong way:

Since the press room altercation, social media has been quick to bombard Jennifer with criticism over how she handled the situation. Even if the reporter had been using his phone to read out a question, many thought it was rude of the actress to belittle an individual in front of everyone in such a way. Some even slammed down on her for being culturally insensitive considering the reporter's first language was not actually English.

"She did NOT bully that reporter"

24 hours on though, it seems another side to the story is emerging from an individual who was actually there and witnessed the entire thing.

According to another reporter, Chris Trondsen of Pacific Rim Video, people are unfairly attacking the 25-year-old actress. He argues that, unlike him, not many people were there to see the entire moment in context:

Finally, unlike the awkward atmosphere all over social media as people hurled abuse at J-Law, the vibe in the press room was exactly the opposite:

Chris concluded:

The Pacific Rim Video reporter even went as far as issuing a full statement about what actually went down:

There are a lot of negative rumors going around that she was disrespectful to a reporter & rude because English isn't his first language. It's sad because I was right there in the front row & that's just NOT true! The reporter was holding up his phone, taking photos + video of Jennifer while asking his question and she found it distracting. I found it distracting too. She asked him to put his phone down. Then, she had literally JUST won a Golden Globe & he asked about the Oscars just seconds after winning. It wasn't the time or place. She handled it in usual Jennifer Lawrence humor & the reporter himself laughed as well as the rest of the press. Don't believe the rumors, I was there & Jennifer Lawrence was in no way rude. She was a sweetheart when she answered my question & was nice to all the press.

So there we go guys! Sometimes it's better to wait to get the bigger picture before firing harsh remarks right, left and center!

Let's all move on and congratulate Jennifer on her wonderful performance in Joy, shall we? Here's the trailer:



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