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From 1999 to 2004, the Disney Channel Original Series The Jersey ruled the airwaves. We all followed along with Nick, Morgan, Coleman, and Elliot as the four teens experienced the inexplicable magic of their mysterious jersey which could briefly turn them into professional athletes.

Sadly, Michael Galeota, who played the lead character of Nick Lighter, passed away on Sunday at the age of 31.

According to TMZ, the actor was admitted to the hospital last week after complaining of stomach pains. Against the doctor's advice, he checked himself out soon after.

After not having heard from him in a while, a friend visited his Glendale apartment and found him unconscious on the floor. TMZ's source claims that "Michael had a history of hypertension and high cholesterol. He also battled diverticulitis -- inflammation of the digestive tract."

All reports currently state Galeota passed away from natural causes and an autopsy is underway.

We send our deep condolences to all of Michael Galeota's loved ones.

(Source: TMZ)


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