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I know I'm not the only weirdo who somehow enjoys the thrills and scares that come with watching a horror film.

Yes, I want to feel paranoid and as a result not be able to fall asleep. Yes, I want to jump feet into the air during a particularly suspenseful moment. And yes, I actually enjoy this feeling.

While horror films aren't meant for everyone, they are most certainly meant for me. For those of you who are also into the deranged and the freaky, you might want to turn off the lights and turn up the sound. Enjoy these following horror short films, if you dare...

1. One Last Dive

Canadian director Jason Eisener, based out of Nova Scotia, created this POV horror film, which was co-sponsored by The Conjuring through Vice. Eisener is also behind Treevenge and Hobo With a Shotgun, if you haven't checked those out quite yet too.

[Source: YouTube]

2. Tea Time

Los Angeles-based animator, director, and sound designer Eric Deutschman used Super 8 film to capture the flickery horror in which we wonder what has happened to this woman's tea time companion.

The answer: it ain't pretty.

[Source: YouTube]

3. There Are Monsters

Sometimes a loved one can become the very monster you fear. Jay Dahl is the writer, director, and producer of this creepy short, and it is important to mention that this is his debut feature. His work has been featured at TIFF, Slamdance, The BFI, Fantasia, and MoMA.

[Source: YouTube]

4. The Taking

This short won Best Student Film at Stan Winston's Screamfest and was featured as USC's centerpiece for their annual Alumni Film Screening. The film propelled director Matt Eskandari to nationwide exposure when he was personally chosen by Steven Spielberg, from a pool of 12,000 potential candidates, to participate in the FOX filmmaker competition 'On the Lot.'

Eskandari is currently working on another horror called The Deep End, starring Royals actress Alexandra Park.

[Source: Vimeo]

5. The Outer Darkness

Created by Bloody Cuts Films, this is just one of many horror films created by the talented group. Their aim is to cater to horror freaks and scary film enthusiasts.

Be sure to check out their Bloody Cuts and The Outer Darkness websites.

[Source: Bloody Cuts Films]

6. The Gate

This killer indie short looks so professional. In 2012, Wayfare Entertainment purchased the rights to produce and finance the feature-length version of the short, and Matt Westrup is set to direct.

Be sure to check out Matt Westrup's website here.

[Source: Vimeo]

Good luck trying to sleep tonight. My advice: sleep with one eye open and if you hear a noise creaking in the dark, DON'T INVESTIGATE!

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