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The marketing campaign for Deadpool has been off the charts since it began with its hilarious panda tears massaging, Bachelor baiting surrealism, but the offering for Valentine's Day blows everything else out of the water.

Thanks to the movie's February 12 release date, Deadpool is desperate to get his grubby gloved fingers into the lucrative Valentine's Day market and his Nicholas Sparksesque offering is truly inspired. Check out the sepia tinted sop fest below to see what I mean:

And of course, Ryan Reynolds had to escalate things even further by giving us a sneak peek of an actual bill board proudly displaying the slightly misleading poster:

Needless to say, Deadpool fans have responded with their typical wicked humor, including tricking their significant others with the promise of a romantic date:

And coming up with a synopsis that the Merc with a Mouth would shed tears of pride over:

A cancer victim can't bear to leave the one he loves, so he undergoes an experimental treatment that tests the limits of their relationship.

Although the poster above has received by far the most attention, there are also two others out there knocking about, but if you want to trick your partner into a Valentine's Day screening, make sure you cover the Marvel logo with your thumb!

Of course, I'm not the only person to chimi all up in my changas over this shit and Twitter is going wild with shameless hussies throwing themselves at Deadpool:

Sometimes, the Internet is a beautiful place <3

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