ByJonathan Schreiber, writer at

Whether Avery is guilty or not there was a whole lot of bad police work going on. Honestly it does seem really weird that a man who seems to be getting his life in order after a horrible experience would do such a thing. Not to mention they owned a salvage yard and he just leaves her vehicle there instead of using the car crusher to get rid of it? Also as many people pointed out, Steve was not a very intelligent person himself and to think he was able to clean all these different areas of DNA and leave no trace is just absurd. On top of that, if he was so good at cleaning up all of the rest of his and the victims DNA why was he so careless to miss a few areas in the vehicle. Also if Brendan helped him and he raped her why was none of his DNA found ANYWHERE? There is just so much fishy stuff going on every way you look. I can't say with 100% certainty that he didn't do it but whether he did it or not, law enforcement that was involved imo handled almost everything about this case from beginning to end inappropriately and if he is guilty it is their own failings and ineptitudes that have ultimately caused all of this controversy. I read a bunch of other things that were supposedly left out of this doc that would help the view of the prosecution but none of it sounded that great, I still heavily lean toward their innocence and it sounds like that originally over half the jurors did too. Also if there were any jurors that were related to members of the local police department in anyway that is just messed up and that right there should be a mistrial.


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