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Disclaimer: This is just a crazy theory and probably is not the case. It just works the best on paper based on what we know about Star Lord's father in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

At first, this might seem very unlikely. But the more I have thinking about it, the more it seems to line up with what we have been told. The theory is that Peter Quill's father may be none other than Zeus!

Not the mythological Zeus. Well, technically he is, but like Thor, Zeus in the Marvel universe was worshipped as a god because of his powers. In reality, he is a extra dimensional being who is more powerful than the average human.

How does this make sense? Here are some examples from the movie:


"You’re so like you daddy, you even look like him. And he was an angel, composed of pure light…"

Torn directly from a wiki... "Zeus possesses the ability to manipulate vast amounts of cosmic and mystical energy for a variety of purposes, including temporary augmentation of his superhuman physical abilities, firing powerful bolts of electrical force energy, changing his shape and size at will, opening and closing interdimensional apertures, granting superhuman abilities and properties to living beings or inanimate objects, and the power to generate great amounts of electrical energy and discharge it as lightning bolts."

Because he can change his size and shape at will, as well the fact he can generate electricity, it would make sense that he could appear as being "composed out of pure light". In the ancient myth's, Zeus actually would often appear in a similar fashion to women he wanted to "get to know". It would make sense that he appeared this way to Peter's mother as well.

"You are half Terran. Your mother was of earth. Your father, well, he’s something very ancient we’ve never seen here before"

Very few characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe are immortal. Even Asgardians age and die eventually, just much slower than humans. But Olympians are nearly immortal, and definitely are able to be considered "Ancient" even by the Nova Corps standards.

And it would make sense that they had never seen an Olympian before, considering they are even more reclusive than Asgardians.

The Guardians can hold the stone for quite awhile:

In the collectors lair, we see a group of individuals larger than the guardians attempt to use Infinity stone together and die relatively quick. But the Guardians are able to contain it with just four people, a feat that the Nova Corps attribute to Peter Quill's father. And being a literal God, Zeus seems like he fits the bill.

Star Lord was raised by Youndu

We don't hear much about his father from Youndu, but we do learn that he was a "Jackass" and that he hired them to bring Peter to him.

Aside from Zeus definitely being quite a jerk, it also makes sense that he would have to have retrieved Peter secretly. In both the old myths and the comics, he had many affairs with human women. But his wife was extremely jealous and easy to tick off, so he wouldn't just be able to get Peter himself.

Whereas most other characters rumored to be his father could have either got Quill himself or rescued him from the Ravagers. But not Zeus.

One myth in particular revolved around Zeus turning one of his "girlfriends" into a cow, and being unable to change her back because his wife would notice. And this would be the same situation, with Zeus helpless to stop the Ravagers from raising Peter as their own.

What it adds to the universe:

This would also add quite a bit to the universe. The Olympians in particular would be an excellent opportunity to replace the Asgardians when Thor's contract runs out. And even better, Hercules can be Thor's replacement on the Avengers.

Plus having the Olympians in the MCU could just add another corner to the already huge universe.

Another theory:

All the similarities could also be explained by having Star Lord's father be a Parallel to Zeus, thus making Peter Quill the modern equivalent of a Greek hero.

Many space epic's draw inspiration from the old myths, including Star Wars and Halo. So it might be more than a coincidence without his father literally being Zeus.

Your thoughts:

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