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Laura Dash might stand at a diminutive 4'5" but she has made a colossal mark on the movie industry thanks to her unusual job as a stunt double for child actors.

Without the brave badassery of the smallest stunt people like Dash, movies such as The Goonies, Hook, and Jurassic Park that involve child actors in perilous situations simply wouldn't have been possible.

Stunts like this aren't suitable for kids...
Stunts like this aren't suitable for kids...

Despite their eagerness to get involved, kids are generally prohibited from performing stunts on movie sets for both ethical and insurance reasons, which is where people like Dash come in, and her resumé is truly impressive.

Take a look at a small section of the hundreds of movies Dash has appeared in below:


Dash worked as a stunt double for Wendy and a handful of the Lost Boys in Hook, and like everyone who has ever worked with him, she had fond memories of Robin Williams. Laura explained in a Reddit AMA that:

"Robin Williams is very funny! One of the funniest things I remember from the set of Hook was him and Dustin Hoffman. Dustin Hoffman isn't really a "comedian" per se, but he always tried to be. Him and Robin Williams going back and forth was always great, and yes, Robin Williams won."

The Goonies

Dash was the chief stunt double for Data in the cult classic The Goonies, but she also stood in for some of the other kids as the picture below suggests:

Unsurprisingly, Dash says The Goonies was one of the funnest movies to make and that the best bit was that:

"We got paid to go down waterslides!"

Halloween 4

Being stalked by Michael Myers on Halloween 4 wasn't Dash's scariest moment on set. While standing in as Danielle Harris's double, Dash nearly lost an eye when a cable unexpected broke and whipped her in the face, she explained that:

"When I was dropped, they cut the cable, when they cut the cable, the cable snapped my face and hit me in the face. And that wasn't supposed to happen. And I had - almost like if you got hit with a rock in the face as hard as you can - so I had this whip-mark on my face, and it came really really close to my eye, but I'm very, very lucky I didn't lose my eye."

A Perfect World

Dash was the stunt double for 7-year-old T.J. Lowther in A Perfect World alongside Clint Eastwood, but not all of the movie was non-stop action. Dash revealed one of the 'stunts' she had to do was drinking soda because the child was not allowed, along with pretending to go to the toilet by a roadside.

The Village of the Damned

Not creepy at all...

Jurassic Park

If you wondered who was blasted off the electric fence in that iconic Jurassic Park scene, it was none other than Laura Dash!

She was also stuck in the hurricane that hit the island while the whole crew was filming, in her own words:

"When I worked on Jurassic Park, we got to go to Hawaii and we were on the smaller island of Kauai. And we actually got caught in the hurricane. What happened was the crew couldn't get out in time, so we had to basically all stay in the hotel along with everyone else who was staying there to hide out. So they had in the hotel a basement, so we all stayed there, but the crew and everyone, we all stayed together. So we're in the same room with Spielberg and all the actors, and I thought "Hey, if Steven Spielberg didn't get out, he's still here, then we're all gonna be fine." The next morning, Kathleen Kennedy was able to get a private plane to fly in from Universal to pick up basically all the actors, and the rest of us ,the crew, had to stay, because the crew was over 100 people. So they got all the actors out, the kid actors, the director of photography, but while we were there, what are you gonna do? We played cards, UNO, we all just got to know each other. The one thing - if you're gonna get stuck in a hurricane, it might as well be with the cast and the crew, because when all the lights went out, we had a generator from the set."
Laura Dash in Children of the Corn
Laura Dash in Children of the Corn

Although getting work as a female stunt double can be difficult due to the lack of action scenes featuring female characters, Dash is blessed by her size, she explained to Variety that:

“I have more opportunities than most women because I double the boys. Eighty percent of my work is doubling boys, and the other 20% is girls. I doubled Danielle Harris on four pictures — the last was ‘The Last Boy Scout’ — but she’s getting a little too tall for me now. If a kid is doing real well, I’ll get to double them for about three or four pictures."

To check out the sheer amount of films that Dash has taken part in check out her IMDB page HERE.

(Source: Imgur and Reddit)


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