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So, It seems Alejandro Gonzalez Iñárritu has arranged all the set up for putting the most desired OSCAR to Leo's hand.

in 1994, excellent performance in What's Eating Gilbert Grape brought Academy Award nomination to Dicaprio for Best Supporting Actor for the first time.

Then, The Aviator, Blood Diamond, The Wolf of Wallstreet gave him 3 times nomination for the best actor in a leading role. Each time one way or another, the oscar goes to another hand.

In the list of most deserving OSCAR winner's- Dicaprio's name will be in the first place for sure. It's just a matter of time that his name will be announced and it seems 2015 will be Leo's Year ...

Leo delivered little amount of dialogue in this film. Most of the scenes of the movie, he has to continue to work with the facial expressions. With only facial expressions without dialog, it's very much difficult to grab the audience attention for the whole time. It is only possible by the experts who have this kind of skills like Dicaprio have.


Best actor in a leading role 2015 Possible winner???

DiCaprio's close competitors this year could be- Michael Fassbender, who has played the role of Steve Jobs in a biographical film. Tom Hanks for playing the role 'Donovan' in Steven Spielberg's movie- Bridge of Spies.

Eddie Redmayne, who won OSCAR last year could possibly win this year too for playing a challenging role in- The Danish Girl. The Martian's Matt Damon can be a competitor too but not the strong one. Bryan Cranston (aka Walter White) who played the role of Hollywood's one of the most successful screenwriter- Dalton Trumbo, undoubtedly be nominated for best actor 2015. Biographical sports thriller starring Will Smith's Concussion can be added to the shortlist.

There are many trolls for Dicaprio and his OSCAR. Well, all these trolls might come to an end. The Revenant some opinion

# Dicaprio said in an interview about the movie- The most difficult film I've ever done in my life ...

# Real Life Vegetarian Dicaprio ate real raw meat.

# Iñárritu filmed the whole movie using only natural lights.

# For capturing the reality no green screen has been used.

Iñárritu says about Dicaprio- He was my first choice for this movie. And I think my selection is 100% successful. Leo is not only an excellent actor, he is the best I've ever worked with so far.

Best of luck, Leo ... It's time to get what you deserve.

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