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American based cosplayer Byndo Gehk's designs are fueled by 'passion and love,' a claim which becomes apparent when looking at the design of her outfit for Toothless, Hiccup's dragon in the How To Train Your Dragon franchise.

According to Byndo's Imgur post, the outfit took her months of designing, planning and prep, and caused her to discover many unfamiliar techniques. However, 'several hot glue gun burns' later, she reassures us it was all worth it, and we can tell!

Check it out:

"Jumping in place like a dork, holding a pose, then dropping and immediately shouting across the yard 'Did we get it?!'"
"Don't mind me, just passing through this garden, trying not to step on any baby flowers."
"What really moved my heart was during my photoshoot, a very bold and wide-eyed little girl mozied right up to me in the middle of shooting and plopped down with the absolute biggest smile on her face. Her mother, not far off, informed me that her daughter had been watching me intently and wanted to "talk to the Toothless girl". Immediately I plopped down as well and started answering all her questions about 'being a dragon'. I'd never met a kid so out-going and friendly while I was in cosplay before!"
"This is by far my most beloved cosplay memory. Letting them poke and prod at my 'scales' and harness, pet my tail, and ogle my wings while pretending I was a humanized version of their beloved dragon friend Toothless. In the end I waved goodbye, exchanged thanks with their mothers, and waddled off with a fond new memory."

Check out more of Byndo Gehk's cosplay designs over on her Facebook page.

Source: Imgur


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