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With the rise of modern science fiction and comic book adaptations, being geeky has never been more fashionable. As a result we've got some incredibly talented artists and cosplayers proudly displaying their remarkable transformations.

Lianne Moseley is a body painter, makeup artist, cosplayer, and self-proclaimed expert in all things awesome!

Lianne Moseley
Lianne Moseley

Lianne's most recent transformation was into none other than The Joker from New 52 and it's a sight to behold!

As you can see above: Lianne's transformation into The Joker is beyond compare!

Moreover, it's approved by renowned comic book artist Greg Capullo, known for his work on projects such as: Quasar, X-Force, Angela, Spawn and Batman.

As a huge fan of DC and The Joker I always appreciate when someone adds their own flare to The Clown Prince of Crime, and Lianne's interpretation is spectacular.

I could continue to post links to Lianne Moseley's incredible work, but if you like her reinterpretation of The Joker then check out more of her work on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or go to her website.

Okay, here's a bonus: have a look at more of Lianne's work; this time it's Daredevil!

H/T: Fashionablygeeky.


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