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So many theories circulating the web these days, it is official... people NEED to know who Rey is! Episode VIII cannot come soon enough for the Star Wars fan masses that desperately are trying to unravel the mystery of this new hero from a galaxy far, far away. Luke Skywalker's daughter? An Obi Wan love child? The daughter that Leia didn't seem to remember having?? Perhaps the answer lies within the one element that was missing in the Force Awakens, that being any real tie in to George Lucas' much debated and lopsidedly hated Star Wars prequels.

Disney and Lucasfilm would have to blind, deaf and dumb to not be aware of the backlash from fans to Episodes I through III. Yet all those who dislike those films would have to be equally lost in the dark if they think those movies, and the dollars generated by continued release and merchandising of them, would be simply tossed aside. No, the challenge for Abrams and his crew was to find a way of making a connection without riling up the fan boy fury. So let's ponder that for a moment. What are two of the strongest plot points from the prequels? Anakin the Clone Wars hero, and the story of the clones themselves. Especially after the success of the Clone Wars CGI cartoon who could really have any issue with those! Combine that with our obsession with finding ways for our favorites to never die (Boba Fett? Darth Maul?) and you get a theory that might just hold water... Rey is a clone using Anakin DNA!!

This theory has just been posed in the Jeff Sanguis Show podcast, and once heard it truly starts to make some sense. Rey understands droid, has incredible skill with mechanics, fighting abilities that make her an instinctual bad ass, and is quite possibly the best pilot... dare I say it... in the galaxy. Sound familiar? She uses the Force like she was trained in it, or quite possibly PROGRAMMED with the knowledge! The girl with the staff from the planet Jakku somehow held her own in a battle of the minds with Kylo Ren, who up until that moment the movie made a point to let us see just how powerful he was in Force related mind abilities! Let's not forget Ren's reaction to Rey when he enetered her mind... what exactly did the man-boy Kylo Ren (who just so happens to be obsessed with Grandpa Anakin) see when he peered into her mind? Grandpa himself??

Yes, Anakin was male and Rey is female. This is understood. Yet look what Disney owned Marvel recently did with arguably one of their most popular characters Wolverine! Killed him off and replaced him with a female clone as well. And it has WORKED. Maybe this all is not as crazy as it may sound! The Emperor, and therefore the Empire, had access to Anakin DNA. Another idea could be his remains? Obviously his funeral pyre on the moon of Endor had been found since we see his charred and melted Vader helmet in the movie. The possibilities are there, and this chance to tie the new movies into the prequels in a way that most likely wouldn't offend could be too good to pass up!

You can hear the full discussion on the subject in the Jeff Sanguis Show podcast Episode 35 part two available at or download it on your iTunes. You might even find that this theory could also explain just who Supreme Leader Snoke is! Dun Dun Duuunnn!


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