ByBrendalee Lyell-Keate, writer at

There is a lot of evidence that proves his innocence. There was conflict of interest on the jurors and not enough evidence to convict him. The key and blood we planted by officer Lenk Theresa wasn't killed in Stevens bedroom simply because there was no blood, no body fibers of any kind were found from her in his room or on his bed like his nephew said ( he should not of been charged either because of his thinking skills level is of a fourth grade level and he was just trying to please everyone) . It was proven that the burned bones were moved to that fire pit from some where else, the fire pit could not of produced enough heat to burn a body just as the scientists proved in the statement and common sense the law was just after him because Steven made them look bad and he proved them wrong the first time. Theresa's brother and ex boyfriend may have did it or know about it because they erased phone voice mails from her phone after she was missing and many times the brother didn't say she was missing but that she was dead, and no one knew that she was dead yet. Steven's sister even said her son was home with her. The time lines the cops made don't fit with the Avery's for murder. Too many holes. The cops didn't do their job correctly, they did not do a fiber or DNA test under Steven's fingernails because if Steven touched or struggled with Theresa then there would be some of her fibers on his body some where but no one tested that. They just put him in jail without going the the process of proper questioning and having a lawyer present and planted evidence. The gun bullet couldn't even be linked to him. Yes it had her DNA on it but it too was planted because the killer knew that the Avery's hunted and there would be bullets every where so what a better place to put it but with the rest. I don't think they ever found the gun, not sure though. Theresa's DNA was not found any where in the house or the garage or on Steven, so how can you say he's quilty? You simply can't. Also the blood samples were contaminated by the tester so they should of been inadmissible from the start. The process that the officers and the judge took were judgments that they were going to convict him no matter what. The judge wouldn't allow evidence that he knew would release Steven and Dassey, so it all comes down to innocent people in jail for crimes they didn't commit. I would love to read all the details of this case that were not made public.


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