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Now, if there's one thing the movie-loving corner of the Internet loves, it's a good ol' fashioned casting saga. Much as sports fans can't help but obsess over potential trades and signings, and music fans are inevitably drawn in by the prospect of a surprise album release, film fans — meaning, most likely, all of us — seem to really dig long-running rumors about major casting decisions.

What's more, the meatier and more complicated the scenarios, the better. After all, if the whole thing isn't right on the edge of implausible, it's not going to take months to get sorted out, right?

Tell that to Affleck...
Tell that to Affleck...

A classic example of that? Remember how, a few months back, Chris Pine was reported to have been offered his choice of roles within the burgeoning DC Cinematic Universe — and that he was supposedly torn between playing Green Lantern in his own solo movie, or playing Steve 'romantic lead' Trevor in Wonder Woman's?

Well, as a result, when Pine was finally announced to be playing Trevor, we all just kind of assumed that he'd simply thought better of playing GL — seen by many as a poisoned chalice after 2011's much-maligned Ryan Reynolds-starrer.

According to the actor himself, though:

Chris Pine Was Never Offered Green Lantern

As he recently revealed to Collider:

"No. I was not offered Green Lantern ever, I’ve never had a conversation about Green Lantern."

Which, as far as these things go, seems pretty cut and dried.

In other words? It seems as though the simplest explanation — that Pine was specifically being looked at by DC to play a charismatic, all-action romantic lead (something he's pretty much perfect for) in Wonder Woman, and not being arbitrarily offered his choice of multiple parts — was in fact the right one all along.

Someone, somewhere is probably sharpening Occam's razor as we speak...

The big question now, then?

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