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Ross Fearnley

'In the End' by Linkin Park is probably my favorite song of all time, and if it isn't, then it's definitely a contender. And because of my history of doing 'Sung by' videos (seriously though, I need a better name for 'em), the making of this video was inevitable. Here it is:


I think what got me excited to do this was the shouting of '"know" during the breakdown, and how I could just replace it with various cinematic characters saying "nooo!", so I had a lot of fun editing those bits!

This took me about 4 days of work and the majority of the time was spent looking for the right instances of the lyrics of 'In the End' said in various films. Thank goodness for a site called Subzin, which allows me to do that.

If this has inspired you to listen to Linkin Park's original, here it is!

If you wanna see more mashes, and maybe even a review from yours truly, definitely check out my YouTube channel right here.


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