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Netflix opens business in 130 new countries except China as a part of global domination.

Netflix Inc. just went live in nearly 130 countries simultaneously which could probably said to be the biggest expansion ever in the history. The company expects its services to be launched in almost 200 countries by the end of this year and it is surely on road to achieve it in the coming times. In short, it can be said that the television giant is looking for global domination. The CEO, Reed Hastings, stated on Wednesday that the world is witnessing the birth of a new global online TV network with its recent expansion.

The company tripled the number of nations it serves in one night. In fact, it expanded in the biggest and largest populated country of the world, India, as well. Regardless of it, Netflix still faces one big challenge if it wants global domination. The analysts and professionals were stunned when it saw the streaming giant expanding in India along with 129 other countries but missing one of the biggest market of them all, China. United States is currently known as the biggest tech market and the largest movie market in the world. But China is tipped to surpass United States in the upcoming year.

The streaming service was going to expand in China in 2016 but no exact time and month were revealed. Reed Hastings stated that the company would soon be operational there and without a doubt, it will be a success in the region. But the problem is that it will take some time in reaching the Chinese market.

Netflix went global due to negligible user growth in its mainland, United States. The company officials were worried regarding the slow growth hence it took a major global expansion step to improve its overall business. The streaming giant is one of the hottest stocks currently in the market and it is believed that it will further increase only as the time passes on.

Going global was quite easy for Netflix but there will be other challenges as well which the company might take into consideration. The internet TV firm will now be dealing with 130 more entrenched governments, rivals, international quirks, and maybe censorship. Netflix has fought for many years to avoid all of this but as it goes global, this can be another challenge it will have to deal with.

The chief content officer of Netflix, Ted Sarandos, stated “We're mindful of where the Internet is being regulated. But "we know our shows are wildly popular there. . . . The key is we have to build a product that's desirable enough for the Chinese people that they will figure out ways for us to operate in China.”


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