ByZachary Williams-Cooper, writer at
Football Coach, Radio Host, and Frequent Movie Goer.

After seeing "The Force Awakens", I was truly blown away. However, there were many opinions displayed. Some fans say it was just a combustion of Episodes 4, 5, and 6. I do agree, there were certainly aspects of the previous movies, but I do think this film defiantly had its own story and ideas.

I loved the film as a whole, but there are a few minor things I do think that could have been changed or just gone about a different way. The effects were on point, and I really enjoyed the castings all accept for Adam Driver. Many have compared him to Hayden Christiansen as being kind of a whining baby!

All in all, JJ Abrams did a great job in directing this movie. He left a big question at the end! WHO IS REY RELATED TO!!

That question I will leave up to you guys!

Comment and let me know your thoughts. Once you do, I will make a follow up with my idea.


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