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Let's be honest, as great as were Arrow and The Flash this season some issues unfortunately remained. The introduction of the different [DC's Legends of Tomorrow](tag:2937021)'s character somehow weakened the plot of both shows, leaving less room for their main storylines.

Unlike previous seasons where the villain's motivations were more or less clearly defined after the mid-season finale, Darhk and Zoom's motivations are still blurry. However this didn't seem to be an issue according to showrunner Andrew Kreisberg during an interview at TCA for IGN:

"The rest of the season is really focusing on Zoom and the Multiverse. The early parts of seasons are really hard because you're setting things up. For us, that was sort of what the fun of Legends was was getting to bring all these characters on and having them fill out these early episodes while still being tied into the main narrative. But now for Arrow and for Flash, on Arrow it's Oliver versus Darhk and on Flash it's Barry versus Zoom, and that's really where the focus for both of those shows lie."

In Arrow's case, Marc Guggenheim teased a big twist coming about Damien Darhk's. This "game-changer" twist will happen during episode 15 and it's something that's "never been done before on Arrow with the Big Bad." He then added that this twist wouldn't involve a character's death. So you can put back your graves theories in the closet, for now.

Guggenheim - visibly a fan of season 3 - then explained that their primary goal was always to try to do things differently, and not sticking with only type of storytelling:

"One of the things I felt personally very strongly coming into Season 4 was Season 3 -- and I love Season 3. I know Season 3 gets knocked, but there's a lot of episodes there that I don't think quite get their due -- it ended with this orgy of plot twists, which I love. We went into Season 4 going we want Season 4 to resonate for reasons other than the plot twists. We want to come in and be very disciplined and tell a different kind of story. Even looking ahead to Season 5, to tempt fate, how's that going to be different?"
Marc Guggenheim
Marc Guggenheim

Also, don't expect a lot of crossovers with Legends after the show kicks off. The team-up show is really his own thing now. So, if you were disappointed about how the show affected its big sisters during the first half of the season don't worry.

What has been confirmed is that will see past and future version of our characters on screen. It will be a way to integrate our favorite characters without to infringe upon their storylines. And, according to different sources we could finally see the famous goatee. So everything's fine in superhero land.


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