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Freeform's Shadowhunters premiers TODAY at 9/8c on the network. In preparation for the highly-anticipated adaptation of Cassandra Clare's best-selling novels, Freeform have kindly created Shadowhunter flash cards. The Mundane fans who'll be tuning in tonight will no doubt appreciate the explanation of the shows most-used language - something book fans will already be familiar with. Take a look at the trailer!

We'll start with the obvious shall we?


In the show, Clary Fray, our main character played by the gorgeous and adorable Katherine McNamara, finds out upon her 18th birthday, that she too is a Shadowhunter. In the trailer (above), we see her to speaking to Jace - also a Shadowhunter - outside a club, whilst Simon (a Mundane*) and his presumed girlfriend look on in confusion, as Jace is invisible to them.

For the most part, these badass Seraph Blade wielding fighters, tend to wear black and have an unnatural obsession with all things leather.


A Mundane, like the flash card says, is a human. They have no knowledge of the Shadowhunter world or anything in it, and generally live in peaceful bliss, away from the countless threats Shadowhunters save them from on a regular basis.

Simon - pictured above with Izzy (a Shadowhunter) is the show's resident Mundane. (This is where I wink to book fans, because we know what's up).


Two of the show's main characters, Jace and Alec are Parabatai. Having fought together for years, they continue to have a bond closer than that of brothers.

One which the woman in the back of this photograph apparently does not approve of.

Seraph Blade

A Seraph Blade is one of the most powerful weapons a Shadowhunter can own. A swipe of this mean-looking weapon can kill a demon in seconds, and all four of our main Shadowhunters on the show own one.


A Stele is what the Shadowhunters use to draw their Runes. Incidentally a Rune is the reason Jace is invisible to Simon. They're small compact objects, that look a little bit like a pen, and curiously, Clary's mom gifts her one for her birthday. Chalking it down to a simple "family heirloom".

Jace using a Stele to draw a Rune on Clary.
Jace using a Stele to draw a Rune on Clary.

You can check out the scene with Clary and her mom here.

There are a few more or less frequently used terms in the show, so if you'd like to have a peek at those before the episode, you can check them out on the Facebook page here.

For now though, let's have a sneak peek at some of the newly released posters and footage for the show!

For those unfamiliar with the show, these will be nothing more than a few cool looking posters. For fans' of the book series, there's not so subtle hidden meanings in these, and just for you Mundane's, we'll go through them.

Hotel Dumort

In the books, Hotel Dumort is a run-down and old building in New York, claimed as territory by the Vampire Clan of the City, led by Raphael.


In the trailer and in many of the clips and pics released from the show, we see Pandemonium in the background. We also see Jace, Izzy and Alec kicking all kinds of ass in there following a lead they had. Run by Mundanes, I like to describe Pandemonium as the YA version of True Blood's 'Fangtasia'. Mundanes interested in the Shadow world and the secrets it holds, spend a lot of time at the club, with the owners of the place said to practice magic and spells in an effort to conjure demons.

Jade Wolf Chinese Restaurant

I mean the answer is really in the name, ladies and gents. The Jade Wolf Chinese Restaurant, located in Chinatown is home to the Werewolf pack of New York. It's disguise is that of a Chinese restaurant, and yes, they do occasionally take the odd order and deliver some food.


Hardtail is the only one I am unfamiliar with. I don't remember it being in the books, so there's a chance that this could be a new addition for the show, or that I'm forgetting some valuable information here. Either way, it's still a pretty cool poster.

Another Sneak Peek? YES!

Check out brother-sister duo Izzy and Alec in this sneak peek at episode 1!

'Shadowhunters' premieres TONIGHT on Freeform at 9/8c!

And on the 13th Janurary for everyone else on Netflix!


How ready are you for Freeform's Shadowhunters?


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