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Look at the family above. Look at their happy little faces and beaming smiles. You know why they're happy? They're happy because they've hacked the shit out of Netflix. The good news is, you can too.

Every single day, Netflix fanatics digest 100 million hours of content. With this in mind, it makes sense to compile a list of subtle hacks and tips to make those binge sessions on shows like Orange is the New Black all the more fulfilling.

So, here are 7 tips to take your sofa sessions to the next level:

1. Watch Stuff While You Work

What better way to get that last minute assignment complete than by splitting half of your attention on watching the latest episode of Jessica Jones? For those pro-procrastinators who want to make a little effort to look like they're trying, Helium is a transparent browser that lets you watch and use other applications at the same time.

2. Add Extra Information To Film Listings

Lets face it, the Netflix rating isn't that reliable. Probably because most people click it by accident while in a state of post-binge delirium.

With the NEnhancer, you can add trailers and ratings from both Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB to give those browsing sessions a little more direction.

3. Find Things To Watch Easier

Although the way Netflix organizes its collection is sleek, it does so at the expense of a pragmatic approach to finding relevant titles.

But worry no more. By using, you can easily search by a range of criteria. The site usefully lists new content, as well as films and TV programs that will soon be leaving.

4. Take A Risk

Those of you who struggle to make a decision, and suffer from what I deem "Netflix choice related anxiety", can take the decision out of your hands by using Netflix Roulette.

It does what it says on the tin; just add an director/actors name or keyword and you'll get a suggestion. Just make sure you stick with it.

5. Get Down With The Tech

And by tech, specifically I mean the shortcuts that'll save a couple of minutes of your precious time over the time scale of your life. Which is worth it.

Below are some useful shortcuts for you to bash out and impress friends with (if your friends are that boring):

  • Press F for full screen, or Esc to exit full screen
  • Press the spacebar to pause or play
  • Shift + Right Arrow will fast forward and Shift + Left Arrow will rewind
  • Pressing M will mute or unmute the sound

6. Make Sure You're Watching HD

If you're anything like me, the novelty of HD hasn't worn off. Everything in high definition is just a little better, a little brighter. Some films HAVE to be viewed that way.

But did you know you may not be getting the best quality from Netflix? To make sure you're getting enough pixels for your price plan, head to HDToggle and check out your settings.

7. Watch Foreign Flicks In Style

Are you a fan of French art-house cinema? Do you yearn to spend your evenings watching a René Clément masterpiece? Do you re-watch Irréversible for a light Sunday morning pick-me-up?

By customizing subtitles you can add a whole new level, or, erm, a nice drop shadow.

Head to Your Account > Your Profile > Subtitle Appearance and play around until you get the perfect font style and color to suit your personal needs.

Source: Thrilllist


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