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I secretly live on the yellow brick road.

This is precisely why I don't listen to the radio, such incidents, like this one, always happen.

Let us take a moment to commemorate the legacy (that will still live on) of David Bowie's. A legend, a hero. It's tragic knowing that one of the fathers of pop culture, who was also battling a courageous war with cancer, has passed away. His legacy will forever live on, in our hearts, and he shall never, ever be forgotten. May he rest in peace for eternity.


I honestly don't even know how anyone could mistake David Cameron, for a legend like Bowie, but yes, it's true, this really happened. Instead of announcing to millions that music legend David Bowie has died, she said that British prime minister and politician, David Cameron, passed away. One thing is for sure, is that Fiona Winchester certainly lightened up some of our moods. What was REALLY funny though, were the reactions on twitter.

Let's all hope that presenter Fiona Winchester doesn't get into any trouble due to this mistake! At least she some-what lightened up everyone's day.


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