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Just Cause 3 is the most fun you can have on a games console. There you go, I said it. This is a game that closely resembles Grand Theft Auto after a massive shot of anabolic steroids. The map is almost 8 times bigger, and the modes of transportation are so much more fun. Not to mention the missions and side-quests.

While it's true that the storyline of Just Cause 3 could leave something to be desired, if you take it for what it's quite clearly supposed to be - a B-movie - its a great story akin to something out of an Expendables flick. The basic premise is this: 6 years after the events of Just Cause 2, Rico Rodriguez returns home to the picturesque Meditteranean country of Medici. Medici, it turns out, has been overrun by a maniacal dictator by the name of General Sebastiano Di Ravello (I know, it's amazing). Of course, Rico decides to join the resistance and depose the evil General. Wow, my Expendables reference was pretty accurate, huh?

Just out for an early morning fly.
Just out for an early morning fly.

Let's move on to the simply wonderful gameplay. You have unlimited parachutes and grappling hooks. You also have a wing suit. Add to those the cars, bikes, planes and helicopters, and you'll never feel the need to use the 'Fast Travel' option in this game. Travelling around Medici is an absolute joy, eclipsed only by the freedom you have to blow up just about anything.

Liberation at its finest.
Liberation at its finest.

Blowin' stuff up. Pretty much the foundation of the Just Cause series, and boy does this one deliver. While the weapon-aiming system isn't exactly perfect, thankfully the grappling hook system is, and this is by far the most fun way to create carnage. In order to liberate the various settlements around Medici, you basically have to blow up most of the stuff in that settlement. From billboards, to fuel tanks, from satellite dishes to huge radio pylons, anything with a red stripe is ready to be annihilated. Just Cause 3 has over 100 settlements that need some hardcore liberation - some are small villages and some are huge sprawling military bases. If you're feeling less ambitious go for a small seaside village which only needs a couple of billboards taken out, but if you've got a bit of time to kill - why not try to take down that massive nuclear installation hidden in the mountains. You know, the one that fires an actual nuke at you if you get too close...

Outside of the gloriously explosive gameplay, the look and feel of the graphics here are just breathtaking. Every little detail has been paid a huge amount of attention - from dust flying around your feet after a skydive, to the gorgeous JJ-inspired lens flare, every single bit of this game is beautiful.

But hey, if you're still not totally convinced, don't just take my word for it:

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