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Aren't actors just fantastic?

Seriously, aside from giving life to our favorite characters on screen, they also have all the inside scoop on what is really going on in our favorite TV shows and films. Sometimes they tell us things that they might not have permission to tell us, and we love them even more for it!

One of these actors is Ben McKenzie, who stars as James Gordon on Gotham. At an appearance in Wizard World New Orleans, he confirmed that fan favorite Jerome (suspected by many to actually be the Joker) is not dead on the show.

When asked by the interviewer whether they could bring Jerome back to the show, McKenzie said:

"Not only can we but... we might."

"I can't say definitively, but yes. No one... I'll put it this way, almost nobody that you've seen... go away is dead."

Now that is pretty extreme. We all know by now that comic book characters are awesome at everything... except staying dead. But to say that almost nobody we've seen dead is actually dead is incredible. It does raise a few questions, with one of the main ones being who else might not stay dead? Here are a couple of other characters that we were pretty certain had bitten the dust.

Fish Mooney

One of the main villains in Season 1, Fish was great to have around, but it seemed likely that she would die at some point in the show, with her coming into conflict with Penguin, who is unlikely to die, and the fact that she is not a comic book character. But with Penguin throwing her off a cliff, this one seems likely to stay dead. Then again, Jerome was stabbed in the neck.

Theo Galavan

With Theo being killed off earlier than many, including myself, suspected, it seems quite possible that he will return somehow. With his body being taken into a sinister looking place, it is possible that he will be brought back. And that brings me to my next point.

How Will They Return?

At the end of episode 11, just before the mid-season break, we saw Galavan's body being brought to... wait for it...

Hugo Strange!

That's right, Hugo Strange is a well known Batman villain, and with all of the crazy experiments he has done over the years in comic books, it would be unsurprising if he started to bring characters like Jerome, Galavan and Fish Mooney back to life! Also, if you look carefully and pause the above video at 0:27, you will see a woman in a tank who could feasibly be Fish herself! I'm not saying this is definite, but you don't get a good look at her face, so it is entirely possible that she will return, in some capacity, during the second half of Season 2!

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