ByMatt Peek, writer at

So just let me introduce myself. My name is Matt, pronounced with a "att." I look stupid... and I rearranged lyrics to suit my purpose. Like Rear Admiral James Stockdale once said, "why am I here?" Fine, he was a Vice Admiral but that doesn't sound mildly funny.

So, cause... I was a comedy writer once and I had a cool dog then. Thus, comedy writing might merit my owning another cool dog so I'm dipping me toes back into this pool of poo. Not a clue what subject I'm tackling yet...

Maybe I'll count the amount of times I have to be reminded by movie stars, through dialogue, that they are attractive. Watch any movie and you'll start to see it. Even Adam Sandler flicks... his female co-stars have to say how handsome he is. Enjoy!


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