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I was recently watching Guardians of the Galaxy, and a thought popped in my head about underrated characters in the MCU. The obvious choices for most powerful are Captain America, Thor, Iron Man,and the Hulk.Those characters are immensely powerful, but these characters are also - and they do not receive the recognition they deserve.

5.Daisy Johnson "Quake" - Agents of Shield

She is a talented hacker, martial artist, and most importantly an Inhuman. She can manipulate the vibrations that are found in the world, and create shock waves. I could easily have put Lash on this list, but he is far from underrated. In a couple of years the Inhumans will come out, and focus on the Royals. Daisy is very important on bridging the gap between S.H.I.E.L.D and King Blackbolt. She could serve as an ambassador, and with Ronan's demise in GOTG - we'll have to wait to see how the Kree reacts. (Expect Attilan to be on the blue area of the moon, or was it the spot in the middle of the Atlantic in Iron Man 2? I know the popular opinion is Namor, but he's partly-owned by Universal. Was this just some Easter-egg, or was this the former location of Attilan (is it in the Himalayas?), yes I am a fanboy!)

4. Heimdall - Thor

This is the alien that protects Asgard and Odin from any unwelcome intruders. Loki recently usurped the throne from Odin (somehow?) and with Thor's vision in Age of Ultron, Heimdall will be an important part of Thor: Ragnarok. There are many speculations of where the last Infinity Stones are located? What gives Heimdall the ability to see everything? Either he has the Soul Stone, or more likely Dr. Strange with his Eye of Agamato. Either way, Heimdall is never mention in talks of who is the most powerful in the MCU. (Maybe some people, but not the majority)

3. Maria Hill - The Avengers, Captain America

I know that you're thinking 'she's just a human,' and you are correct. In the Winter Soldier, Nick Fury could have called anyone on Earth - yet he dialed Maria Hill. After the dismantling of Shield, she went to work for Tony Stark - and with all these ties in the MCU, she has to be considered a very important person. In Age of Ultron she was the Avengers' liaison of determining what is 'fast' and 'weird'.(I know, but where did she get the information to make such accusations? Stark Industries? ) In the comics she became the Director of Shield, and with her in such a high-level position - expect her role to be crucial for things to come.

2. Yondu Udonta - Guardians of the Galaxy

'Captain's gotta teach stuff', aka Yondu Udonta ,the leader of the Ravagers. He is the Captain of a bunch of space pirates (how awesome is the MCU)! I was watching Guardians, and the way Nebula said "Ravagers," really made me think about Yondu's role in Marvel's Cosmic Universe. Every one in that movie was scared of Ronan, except Yondu.

I honestly cannot tell you if he went out of greed, or some sorta love for Peter 'Jason' Quill at the end to acquire the Power Stone. At the end of the movie when he saw the troll (do you think he always wanted it for his collection?), Yondu just smiled - instead of throwing a fit, and declaring war on the Guardians.

He has a freaking army, and with a very low standard of morals - this makes Yondu a very dangerous alien for the events to come. Also his ship had the power to dismantle The Dark Aster's shield. I believe he is a force to reckon with in the upcoming movies.

1. Hank Pym - Ant-Man

He might be one of the most powerful people in all of the MCU. Pym Particles have the power to create an army of men, the size of insects, with the strength of a bullet (something like that, and I do not know how the science works, nor do I care)! Imagine if he actually lost his mind, and went completely evil on the world. There's no mention on whether Hope knows the formula, or how much of it does he have. He is without a doubt the most underrated character in all of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

He also has been around a very long time, and more than likely has seen a lot of events take place. What happens if he does not agree with whatever the outcome of Civil War? You saw how meticulous of a planner he was with Scott Lang. He is very dangerous and I am excited to see what Marvel has in store for us in Ant-Man and The Wasp.

Thank you for reading, and please feel free to disagree!


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