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Yes, it's finally happening, an award long overdue for a actress who made history in winning three Emmy awards for the Hit t v series ''Mission impossible. Barbara bain was no stranger to televisions popular Drama shows of the 50s and 60s era, she was in countless of shows, ''Mike Hammer'' (1959) ''The dick van dyke show'' (1963) ''77 sunset strip" (1963) ''Wagon train''(1963) ''Ben casey" (1964).

She played a regular character alongside David Janssen in CBS ''RICHARD DIAMOND'' private detective series, which premiered in the summer of (1957) and ran for four seasons ending in (1960) However she was in a episode of the popular court Drama show '' Perry Mason'' in a episode titled ''The case of the wary wild catter'' Feb. 20 (1960)

Then history was created, the show that help to shape espionage shows ''Mission impossible'' the pilot episode was aired on September 17. (1966) and Barbara Bain joined the cast as the character cinnamon carter IMF Agent. Being one of the original cast members she stayed with the show until (1969)

Her then Husband. Martin Landau had made several Guest appearances in the series as IMF Agent Rollin Hand ''the Man of a thousand faces''

After leaving ''Mission impossible'' the Husband and wife acting team, Joined together to star in the British t v sci-fi show titled '' SPACE 1999'' a show produced by Gerry & sylvia Anderson. Which aired from (1975) to (1977) however this year 2016 is the 50th Anniversary of the Classic ''mission impossible series. Fans world wide Congratulates Barbara Bain on her achievement in being inducted into the Hollywood walk of fame award.


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