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Tyler Ourada

I cannot tell you, how many times I've seen the headline "The Last Of Us 2, Confirmed by Nolan North". I am so sick of hearing this! Why, you may ask. Well, these rumors stem from a Q&A conference Nolan did, were he said,

"I know they're doing The Last Of Us 2"

But what most people don't realize is that since then, Nolan has gone on record saying he knows nothing about a Last Of Us sequel, and that he was just saying it from a fan's perspective that "Well, you figure they would".

Oh, what's that I hear you saying as you read this? You want proof that Nolan said he knows nothing about The Last Of Us 2? Well, here it is!

There you have it, Nolan North did not confirm anything. Troy Baker (who played Joel) had also said he knows nothing, some fans claim this is proof that the next Last Of Us will have new protagonists. But really think about it. Nolan North's character (David) was killed off in The Last Of Us, so he will DEFINITELY not be in the next game. So why would he know any more about a sequel, than the guy who played the main character in the game, who could very easily be in the next game. Don't you think Nolan saying something dumb like that, when really neither him, nor Troy Bake know anything, is a bit more likely than some big conspiracy? Plus, Troy Baker is in the same boat as Nolan, spending all his time working on Uncharted 4, and likely knows just as much as Nolan does.

So can we please just put this "Nolan North confirms The Last Of Us 2" thing to rest!


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