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Gods of Egypt is not slated to be one of the giant hits of 2016, you can tell by its February release date. And it has already made a fair amount to people mad because the gods mentioned in the title are mostly being played by actors of Northern European ancestry when obviously the gods of Egypt would have been seen as being like the people of Ancient Egypt (a mix of African, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean mostly). Surprisingly for Hollywood, the director has actually admitted this was a mistake but not everyone has been mollified by his apology. So is anybody going to watch this film that isn't getting much promotion and has mostly garnered bad press?

I, for one, will be watching it. First of all, Jaime Lannister gets to be a good guy (yay!). Secondly, the trailer is full of that golden glowing CG that I have liked ever since I saw 300. And then there is the simple fact that it is an action-adventure-fantasy movie and really I can't get enough of that. As for the controversy, I feel like an effort should be made to cast people in roles that accurately reflect the background of the characters, but I am not willing to throw out a good story because Hollywood can't get over their fear of color.

The first few months of the year aren't chock-full of excellent movies but this one should be fun enough to justify the cost of a ticket on a cold winter's afternoon.


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