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As 2016 gets its start, moviegoers eagerly await the various titles that will be hitting the silver screen this year. Among these anticipated film is none other than [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409). This blockbuster is not only the next chapter in the Captain America series, but The Avengers films as well. Along with Captain America, the film will feature none other than Iron Man; who will be going face to face with the First Avengers. The questions going into film is practically endless. There are number of things to speculate such as how does the villain Baron Zemo play into this film, or what impact will Spider-Man play in this upcoming blockbuster. The speculation does not end there. Given the subject ,and the caliber of the film, Civil War could be pivotal movie for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. How can this done may you ask? Perhaps with the death of a iconic hero.

To be more precise we must look at the comic in which this film is based on. At the end of Civil War, the landscape of the Marvel Universe changed when Captain America was assassinated. Granted this change would become mute as, years later, Steve Rogers would be resurrected to once again don the title of Captain America; but I digress. Because of this plot point, one cannot help but think that the film will reflect its literature counterpart. So this leads us into a major question: should Captain America die in Civil War?

Killing off Steve Rogers in Civil War is not a far fetched concept as there are many variables in the film that work in the idea's favor. For starter the film features Frank Grillo who will reprise his role as Brock Rumlow; aka Crossbones. As comic fans know, Crossbones is the one who assassinated Captain America. Perhaps the film will follow the source and have Crossbones fire the killing blow to Captain America. Along with Captain America's assassin, the movie also features two successors to the Captain America name. First there is Bucky Barnes (Winter Soldier) who became Captain America after Steve's death; and Sam Wilson(Falcon) who has recently taken up the mantle in the comics. If the filmmakers wanted to, either character could easily take up Captain America's mantle and the transition could be effective. The only questionable factor to benefit this idea is the film's story. While the concept of heroes going against each other is cool, the plot would have play out in a way that brings Steve's story to a full circle; and this way his death would feel appropriate If the film can do that, then it is quite plausible for Steve Rogers to sign off after Civil War.

If killing off Captain America is the filmmakers' intention, the question we may need to ask is whether or not killing off Steve Rogers is a good idea. While it is definitely possible, this does not mean that killing off Captain America is a great idea. With so much going on in Civil War, perhaps the death of Steve Rogers would be excessive. This crucial moment may in fact be, just that, a moment and not something that feels right for the overall plot. Then there is the matter of the bigger picture. In 2018 Marvel will be bringing things to a head in Avengers: Infinity War. Steve Rogers has played a vital role in the past two Avengers films; so it is likely that the studio may want the character to be present for the massive blockbuster. Killing off Captain America prior to the next Avengers film could be a transition that (while feasible) is just unnecessary. Though it may look good on paper, having Civil War being Steve Roger's final stand may not be the direction that Marvel needs for this upcoming film.

So rather going to extremes, perhaps the movie could meet some kind of compromise. Maybe the movie will feature a moment in the climax where Captain America is killed in a heroic action. However it is then revealed that Steve Rogers fakes his death so that he can disappear for the time being, and prepare the Secret Avengers for next global conflict. It may seem anticlimactic but this idea could be beneficial as it would change the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but allow Steve Rogers to still play a role in Infinity War; which may in fact be the better place for the character to make his final stand. Nevertheless while this idea could be playing it safe, it would in favor for both the film as well as the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Captain America: Civil War will likely be a pivotal film for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but how the film will change the game remains to be seen. However I do not think one of these changes will be the death of Steve Rogers. I do think we will see a change in Steve's character, but I do not believe his development will lead to his demise. I think Captain America still has a role to play in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. What that role will be after Civil War remains to be seen, but I do believe that this conclusion to the Captain America films will not be the end of the First Avenger.

Captain America: Civil War hits theaters on May 6th.


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