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Gareth Cavanagh

Marc Guggenheim dropped some pretty exciting hints recently when speaking to IGN at the Television Critics Association winter press tour. In regards to the forthcoming second half of Arrow season 4, Kreisberg said that a big twist is coming for Damien Darhk. He had this to say: "The back half of the season, we're pretty much following the same structure that we have in seasons past where obviously the Big Bad gears up. That said, we're going to throw a hard six in episode 15 that I think will surprise people. We're going to do something that's never been done before on Arrow with the Big Bad. 15 is a real game-changer episode for us." He also went on to say: "doesn't involve a character death. It's a move that we've never made with one of our Big Bads."

The showrunner for The CW's other hugely successful superhero show, The Flash, is Andrew Kreisberg. He was also present at the conference and commented on the plan for the remaining episodes of season 2: "The rest of the season is really focussing on Zoom and the Multiverse." This is great news for fans as everyone is desperate to know Zoom's identity. Promos have also revealed that the Reverse Flash is back in the form of Earth-2 Eobard Thawne which is sure to make Barry Allen's situation even more precarious. It's really going down on The Flash this season.


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