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Back in December of 2015, Sony filed a new trademark titled "Days Gone". Some have speculated that this will be that this will be the new subtitle for The Last of Us 2, making it "The Last Of Us 2: Days Gone".

Why this could very likely be the next Last Of Us game.

First, this is something coming from Sony, instead of some supposed "leak" from a voice actor. or a developer stumbling over their words. Also it's not an accident, you don't accidentally trademark something. Something called "Days Gone" is coming, we just don't know what it is yet. It could be a new Last Of Us, or it could be something else. But you gotta admit, "Days Gone" does sound like a last of us title, as it kind of fits in the same theme as something like "Left Behind," or "American Dreams". Something that sounds kind of vague, yet intriguing. and the timing fits, as Naughty Dog, was said to have finished filming Uncharted 4, in November, and this news happened in December. So they could have moved on to The Last Of Us 2 around that time. But who knows, sounds exciting though.

not to mention Sony did something similar to this with the Metal Gear series, announcing something called Phantom Pains, that eventually turned out to be Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pains.

What could this title, mean to the story.

A title is not much to go on, but you'd think it's gotta mean something. In Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, honor among thieves (which is what the title refers to) is a huge theme of the story. And the title The Last Of Us: Left Behind, is about how Ellie's only friend Riley was infected and killed, and so Ellie was in a way "left behind".

"Days Gone" to me, sounds like a continuation of the story in some way. As "Days Gone" likely refers to the days that have gone by since something occurred. Now the question is, what is that something? If it is a spin off, with new protagonists, it could simply be referring, to the initial outbreak. But if that's the case, that it's just what is going on with humanity after the outbreak, isn't that kind of what the first game is about? Heck, isn't that what any conceivable Last Of Us story, or anything in this genre is about, when you get right down to it? With that in mind, if "Days Gone" is just a reference to the initial outbreak, that title doesn't hold much weight to it. I think it's more likely that "Days Gone" is a reference to what happened since events of the first game, this would most likely point to the game fallowing Ellie, as she copes with what she's been through.

But I could be wrong on that, however, I feel pretty confident saying, that if this really were the title, it debunks a few rumors about the plot. First of all, if Days Gone is the title, I doubt it would be taking us to other parts of the world. for reasons I have described earlier, Days Gone doesn't necessarily scream spin off to me. And luckily this would all but prove, that the next Last Of Us will NOT be abut Marlene or the rise of the fireflies.

If the next game were a prequel about Marlene, wouldn't they give it a title more that has more to do with the fireflies than "Days Gone". You'd think it would be more on the lines of The Last Of Us: Rise of the Fireflies, or The Last Of Us: Uprising. Something with a more Rebellious vibe to it, rather than a depressing one. Naughty Dog can be kind of cryptic with how they name how they name things, but it usually has something to do with the game. And the title "Days Gone" has nothing to do with the fireflies, other than it takes place in the days that have gone by since the initial outbreak, but I refer you to my statement earlier that the title would not hold much weight in that case. So I think it's safe to say, we have seen the last of Marlene. Also you gotta realize, that as cool or interesting as the world of The Last Of Us is, Naughty Dog makes their games about characters, and not worlds. "Days Gone", if that is the next Last Of Us game, is a title that points to a continuation of the first game, and when you get right down to it, isn't that what a sequel should be.


Do you think "Days Gone" will be the next Last Of Us game?


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