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I Love the Pixar movie Inside Out
Inside Out

Well to start I never really enjoyed Harry Potter because it never really stood out to me. I know that it is a good franchise but I just don't get it. They are so long and boring. Most people say that the books are better than the movies but I have read the books and they are just as bad in my opinion. Harry Potter does have a good story and good special effects but they are nothing special.

Inside out is almost perfect, it has a great story, great characters, great lessons, great acting and great everything.

Harry Potter was made to maximize profit because of the success of the books.

Inside Out is more realistic and has more important stuff to learn. As far as I can tell Harry Potter has none of that Inside Out also has some very important lessons like its okay to fell sad and Harry Potter has none of that

Inside Out also has comical aspects to it and even some dramatic aspects to where as Harry Potter sticks to dramatic.

Inside Out is way cuter too.

Also Inside Out is filled with layered characters even Emotions have emotions. I'm not saying that Harry Potter does not but I'm saying that Inside Out does.


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