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While we all felt great sadness at the passing of the legendary David Bowie, some people have gone farther than others in their tributes to the musician.

While thousands of people have taken to social media with pictures of the legend and their favorite Bowie songs, there was one celebrity who decided to focus in on his acting history over his musical one. And she has done it in the most weird and wonderful way imaginable. Check it out below!

Mockingbird Dressed Up As The Goblin King!

That's right! I can't stop myself totally freaking out over how incredible this cosplay is. Adrianne Palicki has totally nailed the costume! For anyone who doesn't understand, David Bowie starred in the 1986 film Labyrinth, in which he played Jareth the Goblin King, an evil and awesome villain in charge of a set of goblin muppets (this film was made by Jim Henson, after all). The Goblin King was an icon, and the music from that film was so awesome. Check out what Bowie's character looked like in the film, and then compare it to Palicki's costume above.

As I said before, Adrianne totally nailed the costume, and I couldn't think of a more amazing way to pay tribute to the legend himself. If, like me, this news really made you want to relive the magic of Labyrinth, then check out my favorite song from the film below!

You can see Adrianne Palicki when Agents of SHIELD returns, and then again when she stars as the lead in the spin-off Marvel's Most Wanted!

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