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Thanks to Facebook, I was reminded of a status I posted three years ago:

Embarrassed to say this because I'm almost 25... but seAson premiere of Pretty Little Liars tonight!!!

Well, thanks to Ms. Marlene King & her decision to do a five year time jump, the fact that I am nearly thirty years old and still watching Pretty Little Liars has become somewhat less embarrassing. The girls are now older with college degrees and professions and a taste for martinis, so I guess you could surmise that PLL's "wiser fans" (myself included) can begin to relate.

While the drama and terror of A is seemingly over, the tension and fright is still, very much, in-tact (come on, it's Rosewood we're talking about here). Yet, even though so many things are different, there is still a semblance of what once was.

  • Freeform: The first obvious change would be that ABC Family has officially changed their name to Freeform. If you watched tonight's episode, there was no way this little nug of transformation could have sneaked past you, since the network used every chance it had to shove it down your throat.
  • Professions: The coolest change (and one all PLL fans knew) is that all five of the girls have new adult professions. Alison is a school teacher at Rosewood, Spencer is a lobbyist in D.C., Aria is a published writer, Hanna is a fashion intern, and Emily is bartending (?). Okay, maybe Em isn't doing all that great... The overabundance of prescription drugs is a definite red flag. Wasn't that supposed to be Spencer's thing?
  • PLL Moms: Even the moms are in on the fun with Mrs. Hastings running for State Senate and Ms. Marin renovating and running the town's new swanky hotel. It seems M. King was eager to fill this new season with a large display of strong resilient women. Speaking of that hotel...
  • Radley Sanitarium: A key location in previous seasons, Radley Sanitarium has been transformed into the chic and fabulous boutique hotel we always knew it could be! All thanks to Hannah's mom... While I did enjoy the level of eeriness that the halls of Radley once brought, I am equally frightened by ominous hotels (think The Shining, The Innkeepers, etc.). And a posh hotel with a past? The secret passages and rooms are endless, my friends.
  • Spencer's bangs: * Insert Joker slow-clap here*
  • Coffee to Alcohol: No longer do I need to watch boring scenes of the gang sipping cappuccinos and discussing A, when I can now tip my glass to them, while we all get (legally) addled together. Hear, hear!
  • Mona: My dear, dear Mona... I am beyond thrilled that this intelligent, sneaky little wretch is still, well, a sneaky little wretch. Janel Parrish is absolutely brilliant at playing the rogue liar. After years of back and forth, Mona still has a way of getting under your skin... still.
  • Ezra: They vaguely brushed over Ezra's catastrophic past five years, but none of that matters. Ian Harding is still as sexy as ever. If I weren't sitting on the couch, I swear my knees would have buckled. Cannot wait to see Ezra angry, smoldering, throwing things, yelling with a five o'clock shadow... Believe me... It's coming.
  • Oh, & Caleb
  • And Tobey, too
  • Hanna's cheesy sarcasm: PLL wouldn't be the same without Hannah's awful one-liners. After six years, you have to laugh.
" We're sitting in a bar in what used to be a squirrel factory. Don't they make an electroshock margarita?"
  • The fashion: Six years later and the fashion is still je ne sais quoi. I mean, these bitches always look fabulous. Even at funerals (and there have been plenty of those)! Now that Aria's awful obsession for graphic baby tees is over, I believe this season will be the best wardrobe season yet.

After six years, you can't just drop something... Luckily, for my own sanity, this time jump is shaping up to be everything the show needed.


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