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Andrew McMillan

The Walking Dead is returning this Valentine's Day (yay!) and it's going to be a punch in the gut when it does. But, as the show is progressing, I have read that they are coming up to a major death... Who will that death be?

So, I thought some and decided to come up with this difficult, burdening question: Who would you save Daryl or Glenn from the hands of Negan?

As comic readers know and have acknowledged for a while now is that Glenn was roughly and ghastly beaten to a bloody pulp (literally!) by Negan's companion weapon, Lucille. So the question is tossed up in the air: who would you save?

These characters are both firm fan-favorites and I don't want to see either die, and maybe they'll both make it but I am shooting for Glenn dying. Although if Daryl died and it would be devastating, it would make the show feel more free. They would no longer be bound by fans who are consumed by Daryl's survival, which seems eminent as if he will NEVER die, which would be fine but also make me feel as if the show is constricted and stuck with this character because of the possibility of losing money, views, etc...

So, if I were to choose one to die, I would say Daryl just because I want to see the show release itself from this binding spot it is in. I LOVE Daryl and LOVE Glenn, but if the show didn't have fans that said "If Daryl dies we riot," I wouldn't worry about the show not feeling as free to me and would say I would rather Glenn to die. But in all honesty, I can't choose without second guessing my selection afterwards...

What do you guys choose? *You're on your knees with some others from the group (Rick, Carl, Carol, Daryl, Glenn, Maggie, and Morgon let's say) and Negan points the baseball bat at YOU and offers YOU the option to choose. "Who do I kill?" Negan asks notoriously. You say... "______"


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