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In the ensuing excitement for the return of CW's Arrow and The Flash series' next week, it got me wondering which villains I'd love to see against our Emerald Archer and Scarlet Speedster (but not necessarily together).

If you watch the shows religiously, like I do, you'll know that there have been a great number of baddies in both shows. Ranging from Bronze Tiger and Anarky, to the more iconic Dark Archer and Reverse Flash, the bad guys have been great. With many of them coming from the Batman universe, I'm going to try my best to only involve rogues from the Green Arrow and Flash galleries. So here are my top three that I hope are represented.

1. Electrocutioner / Lester Buchinsky

That's a terrible picture, but bear with me. In recent history, Buchinsky has come into contact with Green Arrow almost in passing, as GA is actually hunting him because of his involvement with another villain, Prometheus. Once they caught up to him though, he's nearly killed by Speedy (Roy Harper) until GA and Black Canary convince him otherwise and take him into custody.

Fox's Gotham did introduce a version of the character, but there can always be alternate versions due to different studios representing them. Electrocutioner has no powers, but instead relies on science and circuits that powers a suit, with which he can stun, if not kill his enemies. He most likely wouldn't last for long against Oliver but he'd be a cool filler villain in the off-time from Damien Darhk.

2. Top

Roscoe Dillon was a small time crook with an uncanny obsession with tops, who discovered he has the ability to spin at high speeds. He spins fast enough to deflect bullets, and can annoy the Flash with his gimmick tops, which usually contain explosives that detonate while spinning toward their target. In addition to his spinning, Top has an increased intelligence, as well as some psionic powers due to dormant brain cells being rattled by his spinning.

He hasn't been included quite yet in the series, but he'd be a great villain to either introduce on Earth-1 or as one of Zoom's henchmen sent over from Earth-2, but he probably wouldn't last more than one or two episodes as a big threat.

3. Captain Boomerang

Now Capt. Boomerang is obviously not going to be a new character, as he was featured in the first Flash/Arrow crossover event, when he was contracted to kill Lyla Michaels. I've been begging for him to make a return in the series, as he's definitely a recurring Flash rogue.

The last we see of him, he's captured and being locked in, allegedly, the same prison that they put Slade in on Lian Yu, although he wasn't featured in Season 3 of Arrow, when Oliver and Thea are sent to the island by Malcolm. He got a little shafted, in my opinion, as I think he deserves another chance at being a main rogue in the TV series.

Bonus Round: Deathstroke!

I've been a fan of Manu Bennett's since seeing him in assorted films, such as The Condemned and 30 Days of Night, to his legendary involvement in roles in Starz series, Spartacus, The Hobbit trilogy, and most recently in the pilot episode of The Shannara Chronicles. I was almost as upset as he was at the minor role they gave him, getting beaten by Thea, in Season 3 of Arrow.

Meeting him at Salt Lake Comic Con in 2014 greatly increased my respect and admiration for him, and Deathstroke is already one of my favorite comic book villains, and so I'd love nothing more than for him to come back into a recurring role in the series.

What do you guys think? Any villains you'd like to see in these two shows, no matter what hero they're normally associated with? The Speedster returns on Jan. 19, take a look at the trailer:

The Archer returning on Jan. 20!


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