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If you haven’t seen Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens yet, I’m sorry. You should’ve already, and if you haven’t, I assume that you cannot afford to see it or do not care about it. I’ll forgive you if you couldn’t afford it. In fact, email me and I’ll take you to see it. I’ve seen it three times, once with my children to just enjoy it like a child and embrace the nostalgia, once with my wife and father-in-law to watch it with a critical eye, and once in IMAX/3D to get the full impact. I am willing to see it many more… for your benefit.

Even before the film’s release, speculation has ensued about who the characters were. Kylo Ren was believed to be a dark side embracing Luke Skywalker, and Jar Jar was his Kylo’s boss. Finn is thought to be Lando’s son. Rey was thought be possibly a Solo or a Skywalker. I’m not sure if anyone really speculated about Poe Dameron, but if they wanted to know where he came from they could read Marvel’s Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Shattered Empire (4 issues) released in September through October prior to the film’s release.

Since the film’s release and the mind-blowing revelations, which make sense in the grand scheme of things—it was pretty predictable what would happen in this film, not that it made it worse for the ware—given the need to embrace nostalgia, provide familiarity, and a new starting point for the series that lost some of its edge with the prequels. As Lor San Tekka played by Max von Sydow, says in the first dialogue of the film, “This will begin to make things right.” And has it, as well as spawned even more fan theory, speculating on everything from Rey being a Skywalker or a Kenobi, if her name is actually Chewbacca or Padme, or is she a reincarnated Anakin. I’m not sure anyone really cares about Ren, Finn, or Poe anymore, but there’s been a lot more on Snoke. In addition to these theories, he’s believed to possibly be a Son of Mortis from the Clone Wars episodes or even a survived somehow Darth Vader.

What follows may contain Spoilers for Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. On January 8th, I wrote on my blog a theory that attempts to pull together several of those above, while drawing up on mythology and religion for support. What follows here is merely a summary.

Basically it goes like this:

The prophesy of the Chosen One is misinterpreted. Anakin is the Chosen One, because within him the Force is balanced, and both the Jedi and Sith need to learn from him to understand the importance of that balance. However, the Jedi push him toward the Light side, which suppresses his Dark side. The Dark side is not bad necessarily, it contains those natural instincts to want to find love, as in his love for Padme. His suppressed Dark side pushes back, causing a slingshot effect where he is able to become seduced by the Sith, becoming Darth Vader. When he loses his family, he has no reason to go back to the Light side, as he blames the Jedi for his loss.

After the discovery of his son, Darth Vader becomes conflicted. The long suppressed Light side of Anakin is slowly pushing back. By the time he sacrifices himself for Luke, he has regained the balance of the Force within him. When he is cremated, we see Anakin as a Force Ghost. This is the Light side of Anakin, but what about his Dark side? Now here is where things get interesting and implicate the direction of the new Trilogy.

During the ten years following the destruction of the second Death Star, the Dark Force spirit of Vader sought to make itself corporeal once again. Snoke is the embodiment of the Vader spirit, which his why his wounds resemble those of Anakin Skywalker, but his visage is ghoulish. As Snoke, he is pure Dark side and is knowledgeable of more than just the Sith’s Dark side powers, because he had become spirit and returned. He is also able to start a new order (The Knights of Ren) that is much stronger in the Dark side Force than the Sith.

Meanwhile, the Light Force ghost of Anakin senses the disturbance in the Force caused by his former Dark side spirit. He knows he needs to return to the physical world to fight against the power of that darkness. As a Force ghost, he has always watched over and communed with his son, who has possibly married Ben Kenobi’s granddaughter and is expecting a child. He tells his son his plan to imbibe his Light Force powers into the child. Luke agrees, believing he will train a new generation of Jedi, as he is already training his nephew, Ben Solo.

Before Luke’s child turns five, her cousin had become seduced by his grandfather’s Vader spirit ghoul, Snoke, joined the Knights of Ren, and slaughtered the new generation of Jedi, including her mother. Luke and his daughter survived the slaughter, but the Knights of Ren were always on his tail. To keep his daughter from harm, he wiped her memory and left her on Jakku. He tried to fight the Knights of Ren and killed many of them, but Kylo and Snoke were too strong for him. He ran and disappeared.

In summary, Snoke and Rey are both aspects of Anakin's balanced Force. Snoke is a Vader ghoul and Rey is imbibed with Anakin’s Light Force. Rey is also Luke’s daughter and Obi Wan’s great-granddaughter, which makes things pretty interesting genealogically. I think we will see Snoke die or return to spirit form and enter Kylo Ren to make him even more powerful or possibly save him from dying. This trilogy will no longer be about balance of the Force, but about Anakin’s ultimate redemption. Both his Light and Dark sides will battle one another.


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