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The 2016 Golden Globes happened, and just like every year, there are some talking points. The whole world gave Sylvester Stallone a standing ovation, Leonardo DiCaprio won for best dramatic actor, and he also managed to give Lady Gaga the stink eye after she somehow beat Kirsten Dunst. One of the biggest shockers of the night though, had to go to The Martian taking home the award for Best Musical or Comedy Motion Picture.

The Martian follows the story of Astronaut Mark Watney who is left behind on Mars after a fierce storm causes the crew to leave him behind. Watney now must survive alone with little supplies on an extremely hostile planet, and also try to find a way to contact Earth that he’s still alive. I know, I know, the movie sounds super hilarious. Maybe everyone just saw that the guy from Dumb and Dumber, Gilly, and Troy is in the movie and just determined it’s a comedy, but there were more pure comedies this award season that didn’t even get nominated. Here’s a list of five comedies that are funnier than The Martian this award season.

5.) The D Train

Before you start judging and going to Rotten Tomatoes to look at the rating, give me a chance to explain. This movie follows a simple story of a guy who’s head of the high school reunion committee attempting to get the most popular guy from his graduating class to come to the reunion, but this movie is far from simple. The D Train has a lot of heart to it. The characters are complicated, the situations are awkward, and the movie is completely earnest. If you haven’t checked out this movie, you might be surprised at how good it is.

4.) The Overnight

Here’s another movie that might have slipped under the radar for some, but boy is this movie funny. This is Patrick Brice’s second film, the first being the horror movie Creep, which is also great viewing. Alex, Emily, and their son RJ are new to town and are invited over for a playdate by Kurt, Charlotte, and their son Max. As the night goes on things get more and more interesting. This movie takes the viewer on a wonderful awkward journey with twists that you never really see coming.

3.) Sisters

Amy Schumer is the Princess of comedy right now, but Amy Poehler and Tina Fey are without a doubt the Queens of comedy. How Trainwreck was nominated and Sisters was left behind confuses me. Poehler and Fey’s best friends chemistry translates right over to the screen as they play siblings who throw one last house party before their parents sell their childhood home. It’s a fun movie, with wonderful supporting roles played by Barinholtz, Moynihan, Rudolph, Leguizamo, Rudolph, Cena, and some other SNL and 30 Rock alums. The fact this movie wasn’t nominated is a shame.

2.) The Night Before

Yes, this is a Christmas movie, but it’s possibly the funniest movie of the year. Rogen is bringing his A game here, and Michael Shannon is right there behind him. The plot: Three friends trying to attend the holy grail of Christmas parties, but this movie is layered. Rogen is bringing most of the laughs, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt is bringing the heart. It pays respect to the Christmas movies before it, and carves its own way into the Christmas classics, like Elf did over 10 years ago. This isn’t a movie that you’re going to watch with your family during the holiday season, but it’s definitely one that you and your friends can enjoy over and over again. It’s definitely funnier than The Martian, that’s for sure.

1) Dope

This might be the biggest snub of the year. Dope didn’t get nominated for anything. How did Dope not get nominated for anything? Not only is this movie the best comedy of the year, it’s possibly the best movie of the year, outside of a little movie called Mad Max. Those roads are just too furious. If there could be a Mad Max and Fast and Furious crossover, no other movie would have to be made, Mad Max and the Furious. Anyways, Dope follows a group of high school students obsessed with 90’s culture who get caught up in the drama of their tough neighborhood. Shameik Moore is delightful, the performances are fantastic, the movie is engaging, the soundtrack is phenomenal, it’s shot well, and the writing is great. Of course the movie has its flaws, but they’re not enough to block this movie out of the award season.

In reality, Mad Max should just win every award. Oh what a day... what a lovely day that would be indeed.


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