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A recent interview has suggested that there will be 67 main characters in Avengers: Infinity War. While this is most likely an exaggeration or even just a list of possible characters that could end up being part of the two films which will soon be cut down, who could those 67 characters be? (excluding unconfirmed characters like Adam Warlock, Death, Nova or Moondragon, because then I could just be taking random guesses, although they could possibly, or in some cases, very much likely be a large part of the story)

Who would be the characters that would be used?

1. Iron Man

The leading character of the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) franchise, Iron Man is integral

2. Captain America

The opposing figure to Iron Man in Civil War, the first Avenger is another integral character

3. Thanos

Without Thanos, nothing much will happen

4. Loki

The fan-favourite villain in Thor and Avengers is a must

5. Thor

Thor is yet another Avenger who needs a place in ‘Infinity War’

6. Bruce Banner/Hulk

Hulk can provide a physical match the Thanos and is also an integral member of the MCU

7.Black Widow

Black Widow is an Avenger who should definitely be present against Thanos

8. Hawkeye

This “guy with a bow and arrow” may not be much of a challenge for Thanos, but I’m sure his efforts will help in some way

9. Falcon

Cap’s new best bud since Winter Soldier is a must

10. Winter Soldier

The Winter Soldier himself can really have a heroic turn when he goes up against Thanos

11. War Machine

Tony’s number one guy, War Machine can take to the skies against Thanos.

12. Ant Man/Giant Man (Scott Lang)

A man who can be a towering man or as tiny as an ant, Ant Man’s raw power will be needed against Thanos

13. Nick Fury

The leader of SHIELD and the glue that connected the Avengers in the first place, Nick Fury definitely belongs in Infinity War.

14. Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch will probably still be serving on the Avengers then, so she’ll be up against Thanos as well

15. Vision

Wherever Scarlet Witch (and arguably Tony Stark) goes, the Vision will follow. Plus, he’s extremely powerful and given he has an Infinity Gem in his head, he’s definitely in the firing line of Thanos.

16. Wasp (Hope Van Dyne)

The second part of the duo of Ant Man and the Wasp, Wasp is a powerful character who definitely belongs in Infinity War

17. Maria Hill

One of the integral members of SHIELD and now Stark Industries, Maria Hill is definitely needed for Infinity War.

18. Pepper Potts

Pepper Potts could definitely don a Rescue suit against Thanos.

19. Peter Quill (Star Lord)

The leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy should definitely take on Thanos

20. Gamora

Gamora is a member of a Guardians of the Galaxy and her strong ties to Thanos will definitely end up with her in the middle of Infinity War

21. Drax the Destroyer

Drax has a vendetta against the main villain of the Infinity War. Don’t think he won’t at least TRY and play a part.

22. Rocket

Rocket will definitely be up for a fight against Thanos.

23. Groot

Groot goes wherever Rocket does, and this case, straight into ‘Infinity War’

24. Black Panther

Black Panther will have been fully developed by this point, and absolutely ready for Thanos.

25. Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel will definitely be needed against the Mad Titan Thanos.

26. Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange will bring a mystic element to the fight

27. Agent Coulson

A character that just needs to come back to the movies, and the Infinity War is just the time to do so.

28. Daisy Johnson/Skye (Quake)

A formidable character and major agent of SHIELD will most definitely be needed in the fight against Thanos. She could even bring along her Secret Warriors team, including a guy who could probably melt the armour off Thanos

29. Ant Man (Hank Pym)

Hank Pym could definitely don the Ant Man suit again

30. Spider Man

Spider Man is a necessity for this film. It doesn’t need any more explanation

31. Mantis

The newbie to the Guardians of the Galaxy, Mantis might just get pulled into the Infinity War.

32. Daredevil

The Defender of Hell’s Kitchen, Daredevil should definitely pop up for Infinity War

33. Jessica Jones

A hard-drinking force of nature, Jessica Jones could definitely join the big leagues in their fight against Thanos.

34. Luke Cage

Luke Cage could join the fight with Thanos easily.

35. Iron Fist

A martial-arts master could put up a strong fight against Thanos.

36. Punisher

Some may just think of him as a guy with guns, but the Punisher is a truly formidable force of justice.

37. Elektra

A ninja wouldn’t go astray in a fight against Thanos.

38. Hellcat

While not truly developed yet, Hellcat could be ready to fight in time for Thanos.

39. Sharon Carter

Cap’s new love interest, Agent 13 could assist against Thanos.

40. Yondu

Yondu’s unique weapon could be useful against Thanos.

41. Howard the Duck

Don’t pretend like you don’t want it. Plus, Seth Green could definitely come back to the character.

42. The Collector

The Collector has an obsession with collecting, notably the Infinity Gems/Stones in the films.

43. Foggy Nelson

If you think this placing is weird it’s because Cosmo (the space dog) was supposed to be here. Foggy Nelson is Matt Murdock’s partner-in-law (see what I did there? Daredevil didn’t) and would be an excellent addition to the cast.

44. Thunderbolt Ross (Red Hulk?)

The angry General should definitely focus his guns on Thanos

45. Sif

Having both featured multiple times in both the films and the tv shows, Sif should definitely be included.

46. Volstagg

Volstagg is one of the Warriors Three and is definitely needed to assist Thor

47. Hogun

ditto with Hogun

48. Fandral

Ditto with Fandral

49. Heimdall

Heimdall has proven that he can fight, and his power could be used against Thanos.

50. Erik Selvig

Given how unlikely it is that Jane Foster will turn up again and the fact that without Darcy Lewis isn't much without Jane Foster, Erik Selvig is a friendly reminder of the Thor films as well as a key component of The Avengers

51.J Jonah Jameson

The perfect Jameson
The perfect Jameson

Who else is going to print a story about the Infinity War?

52. Resurrected Quicksilver

You didn’t see that character coming?

53. Wasp ( Janet Van Dyne)

Talking about characters returning from the dead, The Wasp seems to be a likely return.

54. Nebula

With strong ties to Thanos and a promise of a return, Nebula could definitely reappear in Infinity War

55. Happy Hogan

Tony Stark’s bodyguard and good friend could definitely pop up for ‘Infinity War’. That is, if Downton Abbey isn’t on at the time...

56. Grant Ward (or if he’s not able to be present, given recent events, Lance Hunter)

Grant Ward is a malicious killer, although the Infinity War could definitely turn him around. On the other hand, Hunter is a skilled and strong member of SHIELD.

57. Deathlok

A cyborg and ally to Coulson and SHIELD, this “asset” could definitely be used against Thanos

58. Agent Melinda May

Thanos may have his hands full dealing with the main characters, but when “The Cavalry” arrives, he’s pretty much doomed.

59. Lincoln Campbell

Bringing even more electrical powers to the table, Lincoln is a welcome addition to the cast.

60. Mary Jane/ Gwen Stacy (depending on who they end up going with for the Spider Man film)

If only she hadn't been cut....
If only she hadn't been cut....

The love interest of Spider Man who should probably be there to assist him, alongside his Aunt May (but not Uncle Ben)

61. Clea

The love interest of Doctor Strange and a magician herself, Clea could definitely assist against Thanos.

62. Wong

Wong could be a formidable foe against any army Thanos throws at our heroes.

63. Odin

Odin could definitely re-emerge and help take down Thanos.

64. Mockingbird

A highly-trained agent could do some damage against the Mad Titan.

65. FitzSimmons

Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons are such an excellent duo that on the show, they’re referred to as one character, so they're listed as one (and also because I wanted to make more room). Their skills in science and other worlds would definitely help the Avengers out.

66. Mack

He has an axe, so I guess that’s good.

67. Stan "The Man" Lee (duh!)

Because Stan Lee needs to be in it, whether he’s the Watcher or just Stan Lee, he needs to be.

So what do you think? Is this your list? Did I miss anyone? Is someone here that shouldn’t be here? Let’s talk about it in the comments

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