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I am a man with reason and a person not to judge quickly. I remember alot of what I read, so I do put my Knowledge into an iffy subject.
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I think George Lucas had every right to make the prequels, for the reason that it was his Universe. He had a good idea that was executed in a wierd but not unmemorable way. For better or worse George gave us a prequel trilogy that we can still remember. Who is the Sith from the prequels that is most remembered? Darth Maul, while, yes Count Dooku is pretty high up there like Emperor Palpatine ( I mean, who can forget the mastermind behind the originals.) Maul was in sense a badass character that is often time remembered more than Count Dooku. Also who can forget the three of the greatest Jedi of the Prequels. Obiwan was great because we remember him as the wise man from the Originals, while Yoda was the greatest Jedi to ever live. Mace Windu was in essence was the Jedi who saw Palpatine for what he really was. So please before you blame Lucas remember what we got from the Prequels. (Also the many games that are personal favorites of yours) For the fans of Star Wars: Battlefront 2, most of the game is based off of Episodes I-III. With most space battles mechanics taking from battles of the prequels.


Battlefront II appears to be placing more emphasis on the game's story, including more single-player missions. Can you describe some of these missions and enhancements that are being made to the single-player game?

We've added a new single-player campaign mode featuring the story of the 501st Legion. You know those guys who dress up in stormtrooper outfits? They're all a part of the 501st - also known as Vader's Fist - and Battlefront II is their story. It's sort of the ultimate homage to hardcore fans.

The player fights battles through the eyes of a clone trooper, and through many missions will eventually become part of Vader's personal elite team of stormtroopers. You'll get to relive some of the greatest moments in Star Wars history. For example, you get to take out the capital ships in the space battle above Coruscant in Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. In addition, the missions are more objective-based rather than just pure conquest.

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