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Note: I'd like to point out that this article spawned from another article written by a fellow MP Creator, Eric Burton, who I must thank for bringing this idea to my attention.

Recently, throughout social media, there has been word of a possible Han Solo Film being in development with a young new actor portraying the pilot of the Millennium Falcon.

Now Han Solo is a GIANT reason why the original Star Wars trilogy is so great. Imagine the trilogy without the charm and humor of our beloved Harrison Ford? As Eric Burton pointed out, you just can't replace Harrison Ford. Harrison Ford is Han Solo, plus we already know how a younger Han Solo looks like!

This handsome man! Wait is that too weird?
This handsome man! Wait is that too weird?

In my honest opinion, (and please don't hang me for this) the only true purpose for this film is simply to deliver a fan service. I truly believe that Han Solo's adventure truly begins the moment he meets Luke and Leia and enters the fight against the Empire.

Now I don't simply want to rewrite what Eric has already said, otherwise I wouldn't have wasted your time with this article. What motivated me to write this is how Eric, as other creators and I, believe that spin off series should be about the great and wise Jedi master Obi-Wan Kenobi.

I know many won't share my interest in the prequel series but I know we can agree that Ewan McGregor was one of the greatest asset that came from the prequels. He is passionate about the character, portrayed an excellent older brotherly to Anakin Skywalker, plus he's just plain awesome.

Now we see how the Jedi Counsel falls at the end of Revenge of the Sith and we already know that he eventually ends up in Tatooine looking after Luke, but what happens before that? Did Obi Wan simply remain sitting in Tatooine as chaos spread throughout the galaxy? Did he attempt to restore balance in the force and undo the harm done by his former apprentice? Did he ever reunite with Yoda within those 17 years?

Obi-Wan placing Luke in the care of Luke's aunt.
Obi-Wan placing Luke in the care of Luke's aunt.

My proposal:

The film follows Obi- Wan Kenobi, a bit older than we last saw him in Episode III, he can either be wiser by age or reckless due to his despair after witnessing the fall of the Jedi's by the hands of his apprentice. He continues to do good across the galaxy, and makes an attempt to bring down the empire, maybe even attempt to save Anakin from Vader. This could promise even a brief reunion with Master Yoda. The events and struggle will make Kenobi accept that to bring balance within the force, is not his destiny.

Now that is what I would love to see but to be honest just a film about Obi Wan would make me happy. Hell, a physical cameo of Obi Wan in the Sequel Series would make me happy.

But that is all I have for now. I haven't published an article for several months so I hope you've enjoyed this.


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