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So the last few days. I have googled Star Wars Force awakens only to to find the most ridiculous fan theories. These are going all over Facebook and social media starting rumors. I can't believe some of these. The authors cannot be die hard fans like most of us, they have to much free time to blog and are coming up with NONSENSE! I don't normally have time to write blogs but I think when the average person googles Star Wars, they should at least not be Mis-informed. As a star wars fan, lets go over the following and put an end to these RUMORS that are being started!

Snoke is Darth Plagueis:

NOT True. Jj Abrams has stated that he is a new character and not a with. Snoke is a dark side user. It could still be possible that Snoke is a Sith, but doubtful. Even if he was it was stated Snoke is a new character.

Also Darth Plagueis was murdered by palpatine, if anyone bothered to see episode 3.

Snoke is Darth Vader:

wow this is ridiculous. Enough said.


So blogger Eleanor Treemer has decided to post a whole article on how every character is the new Star Wars movies are in fact going to be gay. First she says Boba Fett is a woman and not only that but a lesbian. Wow Eleanor have you ever watched episode 2 attack of the clones? Boba Fett is a male. He was clone of Jango Fett. He is not a female. Disney created a character in force awakens named captain phasma to be like a female Boba Fett.

Then she goes on to say Luke skywalker is a homosexual. Again not true. Jedi cannot love FYI, whether it is male or female. And if you watched the original movies he had a thing for his female sister. Then she states Rey is dating a female xwing pilot. Wow i don't recall that anywhere????? Earlier Eleanor started rumors that Poe and Finn were gay. Not true again. Then she went on to say Biggs and Luke were together. She pretty much has turned every character gay somehow. Do you have nothing better to do. This is pretty much a children's movie. These movies are about saving a galaxy not about gay romance. If you want that, go get a movie called broke back mountain, that is right up your ally. When I google Star Wars that shouldn't Pop up.

Han Solo is alive:

He was stabbed though the middle of his body. Sorry as much as I hate it. He is dead.

Rey is obiwans daughter:

Wow so obiwan must have been a ghost and got someone pregnant? She is in her twentys in the movie. But the idiot who came up with this one obviously doesn't know timelines from the films! Episode 7 takes place 30 years after episode 6.

I don't know if anyone know this but there were 6 other star wars films. So before blogging crap, try watching those. Hopefully REAL Star Wars fans see my point of this post.


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